Ledgemont Defeats Pymatuning Valley in Conference Matchup

Senior Night at the Ledgemont Game
Senior Night at the Ledgemont Game

Friday night was the coldest game this season so far. The colder it gets, the more you remember it is full force football season. Even though it was chilly standing in the stadium, the action on the field was hot. The fans were ready to watch some amazing football and so was I. I went to Ledgemont when I was younger, so being back there reminded me a lot about how important football was to this little cozy school. I couldn’t wait until the game started and I wasn’t left disappointed. The Ledgemont Redskins definitely put on a show this week against their conference opponents, Pymatuning Valley Lakers.

First Half

opening kickoff at the Ledgemont gameThe first quarter was full of excitement. Justin Young began his defensive explosion with a stop of a Laker possession for a loss. His name would be called many more times that night. He wasn’t the only Young to get action on the field going. Jarret Young started off the Redskins’ scoring with a 23 yard run putting the first points of the game on the board. The point after wasn’t good but it still gave them a 6-0 lead. Pymatuning Valley was not to be outdone. Quintin Ratliff snagged an interception from Griffin Degener and took it to the end zone to tie the game 6-6 after their missed attempt at the point after.

Although watching these two teams score points was exciting, it wasn’t the only excitement of the quarter. One of the best moments of the entire game occurred in this quarter even though nobody scored any points. If you weren’t paying attention, you would have missed it. I will break it down for you. It began with the Redskins having possession of the ball. Degener tossed up the ball and a Lakers defender intercepted it. That player started to run but couldn’t hold onto the ball. Ledgemont immediately dove on the ball for a fumble recovery. Not only did the Redskins lose and regain possession in the same down, they managed to gain yards.

Ledgemont kept that momentum going into the second quarter. Mike McKeon made sure that the Redskins were going to go into the half with the lead. He ran the ball into the end zone twice in the quarter. With one of the touchdowns, the kick was good giving them a lead of 19-6. The defense made sure that the scoring for the rest of the half was going to be only Ledgemont. Anthony Jennings and Derek Lang both caught interceptions from the Lakers quarterback, Grant Nowakowski. All of the Redskins defenders closed out the half keeping Pymatuning Valley at a score of only 6.

Second Half

Lady Redskins Volleyball Team
The Lady Redskins Volleyball team was recognized for their undefeated season.

After an entertaining halftime, including the honoring of the Lady Redskins Volleyball team’s undefeated season, it was time to start the second half. Pymatuning Valley started the third quarter off with a touchdown by Tim Cross. The kick was good bringing the score to 19-13 with Ledgemont still having the lead. Anthony Jennings made sure those were the last points the Lakers would put on the board. He made two more great plays on defense with a fumble recovery and an interception in the third quarter. Kyle LaRosa snagged an interception in the fourth quarter also. The Ledgemont Redskins defense played hard the entire game. Whether it was Keith Dillworth or Matt Hawkins, they made sure the Redskins came out with a win.

Most of the Ledgemont Redskins played the whole game. They played multiple positions on both offense and defense. Those boys played their hearts out Friday night. One thing I was glad to witness was the amazing support they have from the coaches. They made sure the boys were motivated the entire game.

Breast Cancer Awareness RibbonThere was one other thing that made me proud of the Redskins. As most of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All of your NFL teams are wearing pink whether it is pink cleats or a pink mouth guard to show their support during the month. Some of the items will be auctioned off to raise money for the cause. Ledgemont’s football team also showed their support on Friday night. Every player had pink on them somewhere. Most had pink tape on their ankles. A couple had pink wristbands, and one player even had a pink uniform belt. To see young boys show their support for a great cause was a heartwarming feeling. Not only did Ledgemont Redskins win their game 19-13, they won while wearing pink.


Saturday, the boys take on Lutheran East in Cleveland Hts. You should go check out this team full of heart. As for me, I will be at yet another one of our great Geauga County schools.

Scores Around Town

Chardon      13
Riverside     21

Berkshire   12
Kirtland       51

Fairport Harding   35
Cardinal                14

West Geauga    16
Chagrin Falls      30

NDCL              35
Akron-Hoban   17

Newbury           33
Independence   63

Kenston    55
Harvey      12


Trent Ford
Author: Trent Ford

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