Letter to the Editor – From Chagrin Falls Schools Superintendent Dr. Robert Hunt

Dear Community,

The end of 2020 will soon be upon us all.  This has been an extremely challenging year as COVID-19 has impacted us all personally and professionally.  Many will quickly look to put this chapter in the rearview mirror as there is a new level of hope ahead with the recent approval of vaccines and discussions about timelines to return to some level of normalcy.  While we will all undoubtedly want to put these struggles behind us, it is important to remember the courage that was necessary to move through this unprecedented event.  I will obviously forever remember the challenges of the pandemic; however, it will also be the acts of courage that will be a large part of this memory.  This includes:


  • The tremendous response to quickly pivot to remote learning in March with no notice or notification.

  • An overwhelming effort to convert, retrofit and prepare facilities with layers of new mitigation strategies in a short amount of time by our classified staff to ensure the necessary things were in place for our students and staff to return safely.

  • A teaching staff that returned to school with fear of the unknown and stress of personal health risk knowing the importance of being there for our students.

  • Staff stepping forward and working outside of their classification and areas of responsibility to ensure we could keep moving forward with in person learning.

  • Teachers that learned to balance students in the room and at home striving to continue to develop the academic, social and emotional development of our students.

  • Administrators creating, implementing and modifying schedules to best meet the needs of all students in an ever changing environment.

  • In person students wearing masks and sitting behind shields as they strived to find some sense of normalcy while continuing to learn.

  • Virtual students focused on continuous growth while overcoming technological challenges in a completely new educational environment.

  • Board of Education, parents and community working with our schools through difficult decision points

  • The Chagrin Falls Schools community stepping forward to support our schools by successfully passing an operating levy with one of the highest rates in the history of our schools.


While this year has been difficult and tested us all, it has once again proved the strength and power of our community.  Together we have made it through many difficult chapters of the COVID-19 story; however, this story is not yet over and it is not a time to take a reprieve.  We need to continue to look out for and support each other while practicing the basic principles that prevent community spread.


Soon we say goodbye to 2020 and move into next year with a stronger sense of community.  My hope is that you have a wonderful holiday season with a focus on spending time with the closest of family members.




Dr. Robert Hunt


Chagrin Falls Schools