Little Students With Big Spirit

The purple bleachers in the new elementary school gym were packed with students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Clothed in purple and gold, these kids were proud to call themselves Badgers and they made sure everyone knew it, screaming “ABC! ABC!” (Always Beat Cardinal) at the top of their lungs, pumping their fists and stomping their feet.

A group of varsity football players along with Coach DeWeese were welcomed into the auditorium amidst this loud cheering, and DeWeese made a short speech about the upcoming Cardinal game to the students. This was answered by more cries of “ABC! ABC!”

Then kids who had participated in a relay game earlier in the pep assembly were invited down to stuff pie tins filled with whipped cream in Mrs. Randles’ face. The auditorium echoed with laughter.

The football players said goodbye and were followed out of the gym by yet more cheering, it was amazing that the kids had any voices left. They finished off the pep assembly with more cries of support for the Badgers who would be playing in the November 1 football game later that Friday night against the Cardinal Huskies.

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