Maple Festival Marks the Beginning of Summer

When the snow started falling today, it wasn’t a surprise to me. It’s something you come to expect when you are getting ready to attend the annual Chardon Maple Festival. We always manage to get some monsoon rainstorm or cold blowing snow for a few hours during the festival. It’s like the final passage out of winter into the summertime. For me, the Maple Festival brings back many wonderful memories because I’ve attended for so many years now.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always parked down on South Street at the same house. It used to be where my friends lived, and now it’s the house that my brother bought and renovated over seven years ago. As I walk up the hill and cross over Claridon Rd. (Aquilla Rd. when you get of town), I can start to hear the noise and music from the festival and begin to pick up the mingled aromas of gyros, pizza, maple stirs, and funnel cakes amidst other festival fragrances.

As I reached the square on Saturday afternoon around 3pm, the Chardon Police and Geauga County Sheriffs had already blocked off the road and started preparing for the parade.

First off, I went to find one of my favorite treats from the Maple Festival, a maple stir:

How to get (and make) a Maple Stir
How to get (and make) a maple stir

Next, I got myself one of my favorite festival sandwiches – a gyro:

I then got to watch the parade for a few minutes.

A fire truck at the Maple Festival Parade

Huntsburg Pumpkin Festival Queen

Antique cars at the Chardon Maple Festival

Antique firetruck at the Chardon Maple Festival

Even though the weather was cold, it didn’t stop the pipers from piping!


For me, the Maple Festival marks the beginning of summer. The kids are getting out of school in a month, and we’ve finally made it through another cold north east Ohio  winter.  It’s an exciting time to get out and see some friends you haven’t spoken to in awhile, and it always brings back fond memories of my childhood. If you haven’t gotten up to the Maple Festival yet this weekend, head up today- the last day, and enjoy your very own maple stir and other great festival food!

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