Message from the Director

The season of spring, the season of hope, could not be more meaningful than this spring of 2020. We are all reeling from the changes and adaptations we must make now to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

The work of the Foundation for Geauga Parks is more relevant than ever. Our parks in Geauga County have always been a source of recreation and reflection on the beauty of nature. They are deeply appreciated by individuals and families and more valued than ever as a source of connection and enjoyment now that we are all required to “distance” from one another. Please take advantage of this wonderful resource. Time spent outdoors can renew hope and remind us all that nature – and therefore, people – are resilient.

You will be soon be receiving our 2019 annual report to the community. If you can’t wait for the mail, or wish to share it with a friend, you may download the report here. I hope you enjoy reading about the difference you have made in our county. And if we haven’t thanked you enough – THANK YOU for all you have done to preserve and protect the unique natural wonders of Geauga County.

Sincerely in nature,

Gretchen Faro, Director

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