NDCL – After lengthy electrical outage students, teachers power up for strong finish

Munson Township turned out to be ground zero for last week’s winter storm as heavy snows brought down hundreds of tree limbs and power lines, cutting electricity to the NDCL campus for three days. Some NDCL families suffered even longer power outages.

The electrical problems delayed the start of fully live-streamed learning—originally scheduled to begin on December 1—until December 7. Last month NDCL announced that all courses would transition to live-streaming for the final three weeks of the first semester to stem the tide of COVID-19 infections and quarantines.

When live-streaming classes resumed this week, teachers pulled out all the stops to engage students in interactive Zoom sessions. Students follow their regular four-block schedules, with each class lasting 55 minutes. Teachers conduct lessons from their classrooms.

“Our students’ participation in live-streaming has been absolutely outstanding,” commented Principal Mr. Joseph A. Waler. “On our first day, we had only about 15 of our 706 students out for part or all of the day—and that was for the ordinary reasons such as illness, orthodontist appointments, and other routine situations.”

Mr. Waler noted that this level of attendance was much better than a typical in-person school day, especially during the pandemic.

“Thanks to careful planning on our end and our students’ extensive experience with our Blackboard learning management system, we have had no significant issues with technology. The versatility of the videoconferencing services and instructional software in the hands of our expert teachers is really quite remarkable,” Mr. Waler added.

“I am just so impressed by what I see as I physically and virtually walk in and out of our classrooms every day.”