NDCL launches competitive esports program

Freshmen Charlie Sturgill (clockwise from bottom) and Josh Galante join sophomore Joe Del Balso in a recent competition in NDCL’s new Esports Center.

This fall NDCL joined the growing worldwide phenomena of esports by launching a new program that pits our talented students in video game competitions against teams from schools throughout the state in the Esports Ohio League.

Esports is much more than fun and games played in a family’s basement rec room. Revenue from the global esports industry exceeds $1.1 billion, with an estimated fan base of more than 500 million persons. In the United States, more than 150 colleges and universities now offer varsity esports teams. A growing number of schools offer degrees in gaming design and esports management as well as scholarships, including full rides, for outstanding gamers.

For example, Ohio State University, which is home to four esports teams and an esports arena, just started a bachelor of science program in game studies and esports to prepare students for careers in the lucrative global gaming industry.

To give our students a competitive edge in this new arena of interscholastic competition, this summer we transformed a second-floor classroom into NDCL’s Esports Center. The center features 25 fully loaded gaming computers that were designed and built by IT support specialist Mr. Kyle Hoffman ’19. The machines feature super-fast processors and video cards, mechanical backlit keyboards, and slick-looking curved gaming monitors.

NDCL’s Athletic Boosters contributed $10,000 toward the launch of our esports program.

Charter members of the esports Lions include freshmen Charlie Sturgill, Sydney Wiegand, Josh Galante, and Dakota McPadden; sophomores Xavier Onders, Matt Mejia, Medo Abumathkou, and Joe Del Balso; and senior Libby Burns, team captain. Mathematics teacher Mr. Joseph Lumpkins coaches the team.

Seniors continue Halloween costume tradition 


HALLOWEEN HILARITIES: Seniors Adam Lesko, Mario Misiti, Evan Fonash, Mariano Jeras, and Owen Redmond share some laughs during Costume Day.
SHARK WEEK RETURNS: Senior Nathan May swims the halls as a hammerhead shark.

Thanks to the pandemic, every day seems a little like Halloween because we’re all wearing masks all the time. But wearing costumes—that remains a special Halloween tradition reserved for members of NDCL’s senior class.

This year’s seniors really got into the Halloween spirit with some of the most creative costumes we’ve seen in years. Principal Mr. Joseph A. Waler treated the seniors and everyone in our school community to Halloween doughnuts in the cafeteria, and the Student Activities Board sponsored Halloween trivia contests during each lunch block.

NOW THAT’S ONE COVID-PROOF MASK: Senior Rafe Proctor sports a truly heavy-metal costume.

GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN: Seniors Gianna Garman, Rachel DeWerth, and Jenna Veri enjoy Halloween Costume Day for the Class of 2021.
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