NDCL shares Chipotle Challenge prize with homeless

Thanks to the creativity and school spirit of our students, staff, and alumni, NDCL is among five schools to win the Chipotle Team Challenge, a promotional video contest that offered free burritos for up to 30 teammates every week for 15 weeks. Rather than entering an individual athletic team in the contest, NDCL chose to enter as an all-school team—and to extend that team to include the adults and children we serve through our Labre Ministry with the poor and homeless.

We’ll distribute our bounty of burritos to our Labre friends on our weekly visits with them every Tuesday evening. “We decided to transform the contest to benefit others, not ourselves,” explained Assistant Director of Admissions Mr. Pete DeMichele, who worked with Admissions Director Mr. Michael Suso ’03 and a team of students on the project. Dom Mann ’19 of Dom Mann Productions donated his expertise for the filming and production of our award-winning video, which you can watch by clicking the photo above.

“Chipotle was so impressed by our video that they agreed to donate an additional 270 burritos for our Labre friends,” Mr. Suso said. “That means our prize is now 720 burritos with total value of over $5,000.” According to Mr. Suso, NDCL’s Campus Ministry plans to distribute the burritos in Labre visits over the next several months. Our students and staff have been building relationships with the poor and homeless of Cleveland’s East Side every week since 2019. Our Labre Ministry takes its name and inspiration from Saint Benedict Joseph Labre, patron saint of the homeless.


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