NDCL’s Academic Decathlon Team Wins Division Plus 45 Medals

Congratulations to NDCL’s Academic Decathlon team for winning first place in the Division II medium school division of the regional competition on February 1, 2014. Team members, who are now busy preparing for the state competition in March, won a total of 45 individual medals in all 10 subject areas. Way to go, Lions!

Gold Medals

  • Jacqueline Delahunty (Economics)
  • Zach Geizer (Social Science)
  • Joe Graha (Mathematics and Economics)
  • Connor Hren (Essay)
  • Matt Lenk (Mathematics)
  • Katie Moorman (Music and Individual Overall)
  • Mark Mullinger (Language and Literature, Music, Interview, Social Science, and Individual Overall)
  • Alicia Perovsek (Language and Literature)

Silver Medals

  • Joe Graham (Science and Social Science)
  • Connor Hren (Mathematics, Speech, Interview, and Individual Overall)
  • Kaitlyn Miller (Interview)
  • Katie Moorman (Art and Essay)
  • Megan Moorman (Art)
  • Mark Mullinger (Essay)
  • Sydney Otto (Music)
  • Cole Prots (Music)
  • Alyssa Tyransky (Mathematics)

Bronze Medals

  • Nina Bershig (Interview)
  • Joe Cermak (Mathematics)
  • Zach Geizer (Art and Mathematics)
  • Connor Hren (Language and Literature, Art, and Science)
  • Nicki Martin (Speech)
  • Michalena Mezzopera (Economics)
  • Katie Moorman (Interview)
  • Mark Mullinger (Economics)
  • Sydney Otto (Language and Literature, Speech, and Individual Overall)
  • Alicia Perovsek (Mathematics)
  • Cole Prots (Economics)
  • Mandy Spangler (Music)

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