Newbury Takes on Berkshire in “Snow Bowl”

Friday night’s football game was a game for the books. Everyone knows that Thursday we had a huge snowstorm. Some people were without power until Friday evening and later. Schools were closed on Thursday. Nobody was certain that there would be a football game Friday night in Newbury. But they had power Friday morning, so the game was on!

Walking into the stadium with my hand warmers and gloves and boots on, the first thing you saw was a field of white. The only way for you to tell that it was a football field were the yard lines that had been cleared off with a shovel. You could barely even see grass from where the boys were warming up. Fans were joking that it was going to be a messy game. If only they knew how messy it would be.

Before play started, Newbury held a plaque ceremony for those who helped them get a brand new scoreboard. They would like to thank Junction Auto Family, Cleveland Clinic Chagrin Falls Family Health Center, Mangia Mangia, Precision Orthodontic Specialties Inc. and PerfectASmile.

Thank you for the new scoreboard

Thank you for the new scoreboard

After almost every tackle, the players would stand up and shake snow out of their face masks. You would see them stand up and shake their hands and legs due to the hits. As cold as it was and being in the wet snow, you know that those tackles had to sting more than normal. Berkshire’s white pants and jerseys weren’t white for very long either. Under all that snow was mud – and a lot of it. The marching bands didn’t even march on the field. They did the halftime shows on the track. Even though they were on the track, they were still entertaining by the way.

Neither team was able to do much with the ball on the field. It was too cold and muddy to get many passes off. The running game was almost all they were able to gain yards with. Newbury had a little more trouble on the field than Berkshire. The conditions of the field made it hard to get traction. Berkshire’s defensive line was a little bit bigger than the Black Knights’ offense and they were able to get the momentum they needed.

Newbury vs. Berkshire

That wasn’t the only issue that Newbury had. The biggest was their roster. They have a small team and injuries throughout the season brought the dressed players to only 19. Most people know that even though players are dressed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will actually play. It may be too dangerous for them on the field due to size or skill. When you have 11 players on the field at one time, that only leaves you 8 to sub in. Almost all of Newbury’s players play both sides. Does that mean they don’t try as hard? Not at all. All of the Black Knights put their heart and soul onto that field Friday night.

They may have lost Friday night against the Badgers, but they didn’t lose to their fans. The final score was 0-28. Yes, Newbury wasn’t able to score. Yes, that may seem like a large loss. Not if you consider what Berkshire has done so far this season. They beat a team that has defeated every local team. A team that defeated Newbury by a large margin. Berkshire defeated Hawken. Most people are still in shock over that win, but the Badgers play hard. Newbury was able to hold them to only 28 points. Yes, conditions had a factor in it, but both teams were on the same field.

I am proud of Newbury. They played in snow and mud with freezing temps. They played hard. They fixed every mistake. Here is a team which, if they had a fuller roster, would be one to watch out for. They know how to play football.


It is very common for athletes to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the fall by wearing pink. The Black Knight fans and players made signs and wore their pink gear on Friday night.

sporting pink socks for breast cancer awareness
Sporting pink socks for breast cancer awareness

supporting breast cancer awarenss

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Trent Ford
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