Nine NDCL students win honors in Believe in Ohio state competition

No school in the entire state of Ohio had more state winners than NDCL in the 2022 Believe in Ohio competition, according to a report recently released by the Ohio Academy of Science.

Funded by the State of Ohio through the Department of Higher Education and operated as a program of The Ohio Academy of Science, Believe in Ohio is a STEM and entrepreneurship program that teaches students how to commercialize products and services and create innovation-driven business plans.

Nine NDCL students won statewide Believe in Ohio honors, which include college scholarships to any Ohio college or university. Only 17 of more than 1,300 high schools in Ohio had statewide winners this year.



Seniors Jasmine Abounader, Zoey Daher, and Lia Kimball won a $5,000 team scholarship as well as $1,000 individual scholarships for the STEM commercialization plan for Hydration Guard, a mouth guard that detects saliva levels in the mouth to measure and analyze hydration levels. Sensors in the Bluetooth-connected device alert coaches to low hydration levels to protect the health of athletes.

Seniors Nathan Galante, Eric Remchick, and Alex Simerale also won a $5,000 team scholarship and $1,000 individual scholarships for their STEM commercialization plan for Shoe-Port, which uses multiple air pockets specifically placed throughout the soles of the shoes. The pockets inflate to fit and support any foot, preventing pain and orthopedic injury.

Also winning a $5,000 team scholarship and $1,000 individual scholarships were seniors Frank Kroto and Joseph Stolarik and junior Noah Weber. They developed a STEM business plan for BioTech Lure Company to produce biodegradable fishing lures that are more environmentally friendly than commonly used plastic lures.

Seniors Julia Jaworski, Sophia Rowan, and Madison Thomas won $1,000 scholarships in this spring’s regional competition. Their Go Green Composting Machine uses solar panels, insulation, and mechanical movement to decompose food scraps and other brown and green matter quickly and efficiently.

Science teacher Mr. Evan Fritz coordinates NDCL’s participation in Believe in Ohio with assistance from academic coach Mr. Tony Hodun.


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