No More Bees Thanks to Novelty Pest Management

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! Lions and Tigers, and Bears, oh my! That’s what Dorothy, Tin Man, and Scarecrow were afraid of as they walked through the forest in the Wizard of Oz. For some people that can be a real fear. Growing up, as a kid, the one thing that I was completely petrified of was bees. Yeah –  that’s right…BEES.

Buzzzz Buzzzz Buzzzz is what I feared every single time I went outside to play. The worst was going outside during recess at school and fear being attacked by bees. Every time a bee came buzzing my way, I would find myself shrieking and running away. This would only aggravate the bee as he would continue to chase me down.

I have had my share of being stung as a kid, and the experience was always short of devastating. I am sure my parents would call it a complete meltdown on my part, but as a little girl, it was scary. I never needed an EpiPen so that was good, but I sure would swell up like crazy.

As a little girl, if I found a bee in the house and no one was home, I would trap the bee under a cup of some sort and wait for my dad or brother to come home so they could dispose of this little creature for me. I also remember growing up in a house in Garrettsville where there was a nest of bees in the wall of my bedroom. One time I woke up to hundreds of dead bees on my floor. It was awful. I was too young to know or remember who the pest control company was that came out to rescue me from these tiny little monsters, but boy – was I thankful!

HoneyThe older I get, the less I am afraid of bees although they still are not my favorite things on earth. I feel like I am growing out of my fear and no longer run screaming like a little girl embarrassing myself and everyone else around me. I would credit this to my growing love for honey. I honestly appreciate all the hard work that goes into making this sweet treat, and it’s been a part of my daily diet for some time now. I always buy my honey locally and am truly thankful for those bee keepers that are brave enough to harvest this for my enjoyment.

Several weeks ago, I was sitting on my back deck drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying the summer sun. I had several minutes of peace before the dreaded bees decided to join me. I can only stand it for so long until I get up and relocate into the house. Finally, one day I was fed up with feeling like a prisoner in my own home. Why couldn’t I sit out and enjoy my back deck without fearing these tiny buzzing creatures?

That’s when I decided to call Novelty Pest Management. The owner, Matt Domonkos, is a nice guy and was so happy to come out and take care of this problem for me. Neither myself nor my husband needed to be home when he came out to spray. Honestly, you couldn’t even tell he was here. The only evidence I have is that now, when I sit on my back deck to enjoy my coffee, a bee will fly up, start to approach me, and immediately fly away. It’s FANTASTIC! I no longer sit in fear. I can now enjoy the back deck of my house without worrying about being attacked by bees.

The spray that is used will also rid your house of ants. Ants are less scary to me and just annoying more than anything else. But hey, two for the price of one is not a bad deal in my book.

The best thing about this service that Matt from Novelty Pest Management provides is that it’s guaranteed for the entire season. Basically, May – October you can live bee free. That is beyond worth it in my book.

If you are like me and are annoyed by pesky little creatures like ants or bees, give Novetly Pest Management a call today. They specialize in

  • Commercial and Residential Pest Treatments
  • Bee and Wasp Power Spray Services
  • Pest Extermination
  • Ant, Cockroach, and Mice Removal Services
  • Pest and Rodent Control

Call Matt today at 440-338-1860. Let him know that you heard about them through Geauga News. You will not be disappointed. I promise.

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