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A Salute to Our Veterans

The second grade classes were busy last week preparing letters for the Veterans at the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center in Cleveland. The children wrote a rough draft and then received individual help from Mrs. Montague and Mrs. Ball through the editing process. The end results were beautifully written and heartwarming letters to some of our Veterans! A couple direct quotes include “Take care of yourself and give your body what it needs”, “Even if you’re not feeling well, don’t give up” and “We are so thankful for all you’ve done for our country!” What a great tradition Mrs. Montague and Mrs. Ball are instilling in our children to think of others and consider those who need a little cheer this time of year!

Leonid Meteor Showers

The constellation Leo the Lion is the place to look this week for the annual Leonid Meteor Showers. Each year in mid-November, our planet Earth passes through the tail of a comet causing meteor showers. Because they often appear close to the constellation Leo the Lion, they are called the Leonid Meteor Showers. Notre Dame students have enjoyed drawing this constellation and are looking forward to some fun stargazing! Get your wishes ready for some great shooting stars.


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