Notre Dame Elementary School Varsity and Open Division Science Olympiad Teams Take 2nd Place!

On Saturday, November 18th, budding scientists from Notre Dame Elementary School in grades 6-8 participated in Science Olympiad, held at St. Ignatius High School. In the Varsity and Open Division, Notre Dame Elementary School students took 2nd place overall and placed in 43 of 45 individual events.  Additionally, they earned 10 first place medals, 12 second place medals, 7 third place medals, 11 fourth place ribbons and 3 fifth place ribbons.

Led by moderators, Mrs. Casie Long, Mrs. Christine Nemecek, students have been preparing for the competition since September. Some participants will be moving on to the Northeastern Regional Tournament at Mentor High School this year on February 24, 2018.

Instant Challenge:  Notre Dame Elementary School 4th Grade Students Engineer New Animals and Arches – Pictured: Ava Downing (Concord), Sophia Flynn (Chardon), Corbin Hegrat (Montville)

Instant Challenge:  Notre Dame Elementary School 4th Grade Students Engineer New Animals and Arches

Flying Bostrich, Froshie, Bogo, Zapper and a Bugs Bunny,  these are some of the names of the new animals created in Mrs. Debbie Mulhall’s 4th grade instant challenge class.

During the weekly class, students were challenged to create new animals and arches using only newspaper and glue. Team members independently created animal body parts. Then, the team came together and combined  their creations to produce a new animal.

Another 4th grade class was challenged to work as a team of engineers to create an arch, using only newspapers and tape.  Their goal was to build an arch that would continue to stand when a team member passed through it.

Teamwork makes the dream work! The Instant Challenge Program at NDES is designed to help students explore their innate curiosity and apply problem-solving skills while working collaboratively with others.

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Pictured In Cover Photo: From Left to Right, 8th Graders, Amy Gabrovsek (Thompson), Molly Gaugler (Concord), Kevin Ravakhah (Concord) & Richard Platt (Chardon)

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