November Family Ties Night

We believe in the importance of family; it is the single most important influence in a child’s life. That is why we strive to nurture and build relationships between family and school. Some of the researched benefits of regularly spending time together as a family include increased academic success, reduced substance abuse, and strengthening the family bond.

On November 3 and March 3, the entire school district will take part in Family Ties. “Family Ties Nights are evenings with no homework assigned, no athletic practices or games after 4:30pm and no meetings or activities hosted in the district,” said Superintendent Nancy Santilli, “Plan to spend the evening enjoying your family! Have a game night, go for a walk at a local park or read together.”

In the upcoming month, we will share family-friendly recipes from our Nutrition Service Department. If you are a local restaurant that would like to partner with us by offering a special discount for these Family Ties Days, please contact us at 440-543-9677 ext. 1400.

Congratulations to King and Queen, Nathan Spencer and Sarah Toth.

Five-Year Financial Forecast

State law requires all public schools to file a Five-Year Financial Forecast with the Ohio Department of Education twice a year in November and May.  The forecast requires districts to evaluate their General Fund for potential long-term outcomes when making current decisions about new initiatives and fund existing programs and services over multiple years.  The multi-year budgeting process lends itself to meeting both short and long-term goals while maintaining financial solvency.

The General Fund is the largest district fund. General funds are primarily unrestricted and are used for the day-to-day operation of the school district.

The forecast represents a series of assumptions or estimates of future economic, legislative and market conditions.  It is a “snapshot” of variables known or assumed at a particular point in time.  Due to the uncertainties and changing nature of school finance and economic factors, this forecast is fluid and subject to change. Contact Mr. Paul Pestello, Treasurer, with any questions.  The forecast is posted on the district webpage.



Military Wall of Honor

The Kenston Alumni Association, in partnership with the District, has created a Military Wall of Honor. It was unveiled on Veterans Day 2018. We continue to add graduates as their information is submitted.

We are proud of our brave and selfless service members who graduated from Auburn, Bainbridge or Kenston High Schools. We wish to recognize their service on behalf of the United States of America with a program entitled the Kenston School District Military Hall of Honor.

We are asking community members to submit information to honor graduates and/or employees who are active and veteran United States Armed Forces members. Search Military Wall of Honor on the website to complete an application.

Kenston’s Timmons Elementary School first grade students, Emerson and Madeline Scheuer
use primary colors to mix secondary colors. They were so excited, mixing orange and green to
create beautiful fall colors to paint their pumpkin patches.

Safe School Hotline

The Ohio Department of Education has partnered up with Ohio Homeland Security to offer all Ohio school districts a safe and secure tip line. The tip line can be anonymous, or callers have the option to leave contact information. Any threatening information or suspicious activity will be assessed by the Homeland Security team to determine the level of the threat. If it’s determined to be a high-level threat, they will communicate directly with local law enforcement and the school district.

 Information that is school-related such as bullying, social media issues or other school-related information will be routed directly to the school administrators to address. Safer Schools Ohio tip/text line: 844-SAFEROH or 844-723-3764.


Child Find

As required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004), Kenston Local Schools is conducting the Child Find campaign to identify, locate, and evaluate all children with disabilities from age 3 through 21, residing within the school district. This includes Bainbridge and Auburn children with disabilities who are homeless, wards of the state, or attending nonpublic schools, regardless of the severity of the disability. If you know of a child with a disability, or a child suspected of having a disability, who is not currently receiving appropriate educational and related services, please contact Special Education Directors, Mrs. Melissa Miller (Grades PreK-5) or Mrs. Rita Pressman (Grades 6-12) at Kenston’s Special Education Office at (440) 543-3013.


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