One Billion Rising ~ Fundraiser at a Local Salon

Anne Hathaway’s new cause. She is staging tens of thousands of dance parties, rallies and performances in more than 170 countries on February 14. The idea is to fire us all up about the billion women around the globe who are victims of violence in their lifetime. Stand up with us at Xpression’s Salon. Join us and dance with the world at 6:00 pm to help Anne Hathaway “shake the globe”. If you can’t make it, start your own rising at work, school or wherever you are that day. Spread the word!

Stop by Xpressions at 301 Center St. in Chardon on Valentine’s Day for a last minute gift, gift cards, products, or a salon service. $1 from each will be donated to this cause.

For more information, visit this website.

One Billion Rising

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