• Lost Lake Canoe Expedition

    Upper Cuyahoga Route 87 Parking Lot

    Experienced canoeists take a rugged but rewarding canoe trip to a remote, seldom seen wild marsh accessed from the Upper ... Read more

    Learn to Canoe

    Headwaters Park Boathouse

    Learn basic canoe-handling techniques for safe canoeing on flat water. Ages 10 and up.

    Canoe Pine Brook

    Pine Brook Preserve

    Canoe the lakes and wetlands of this future park property as we explore the abundant wildlife calling it home. Directions ... Read more

    Full Moon Cuyahoga Canoe

    The West Woods Nature Center

    Enjoy the nightlife in the Flats of the Upper Cuyahoga River: beaver, muskrats, mink, Great Blue Heron and Barred Owl. ... Read more