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Geauga News has an entire section you may not even know about yet, our Classifieds Section.

It’s very simple to get started by placing your own ad.  When you are done reading this article, just click the button on the toolbar above.

Place an Ad

If you aren’t registered yet, then you’ll need to create a new account by registering here.  This part of the site has a separate login since it will be used for potential buyers to contact you.  Just fill out your information in the screen that appears:


You’ll see an orange bar on the top of the screen prompting you to check your email, so go ahead and do that next.

Login to your email and click the validation link in the following message:

Confirm your classifieds account

Now you’ll notice on the upper right that you are logged in and can click the “Publish your ad free” button now:

Publish your ad for free

Complete the ad on the following screen and click “Publish” when you are finished.  Your ad will show up immediately in our search results!

As you can see, it’s fast and easy to put what you have for sale online with us!  Go ahead and list what you have now, and remember to sign up for the daily classified email if you would like to receive a daily list of all the new items listed on the site from the day before.

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