Power of the Pen 

Recently, NDES eighth-graders Emily Vieira, Amelia Montoni, Gianna Worley, Anna Gracon, Sophia Lee, and Sarah Boehnlein participated in the district Power of the Pen tournament. Power of the Pen is a creative writing tournament in which there are three 40-minute writing sessions. Each student writes one story in each round, which is then read by judges and scored between 75 and 100 points. The eighth-grade team placed 1st in the team awards during the award ceremony on Saturday, January 23. Additionally, Amelia Montoni placed 5th overall and Anna Gracon placed 2nd along with best of round for one of her stories. Over half of the team will be moving on to the regional tournament, taking place on March 13.

Congratulations to our team and we wish our eighth graders the best of luck in the regional tournament.