Prayer Partners – Helping Students Build Relationships Throughout The Years

Did you ever wish that you had an older brother or sister to look out for you at school? Someone older who knew your name and would hang out with you during school events? At St. Mary School, the long-standing tradition of Prayer Partners helps create this feeling of acceptance for all students.

prayer partners

Each upper grade student is assigned a lower grade student to mentor through the school year. When students reach 4th grade, they begin to take on the mentor-ship responsibilities.

Prayer partners attend weekly Mass together, create special projects, and form a bond that endures past the school year’s end. Upper grade students anxiously await to see who they are paired with for the year, and lower grade students look forward to every visit they have together.

Third grade student, Briana Shirkey said, “I like learning about what my prayer partner does in school or sports and I can’t wait until next year when I get to be a prayer partner to a preschooler!

Preschool teacher, Linda Flynn says her class can’t wait for visits from their partners, “they can just come in and read a book together and it makes them so happy! Prayer partners are another way to make a big school feel more like a close family.”

St. Mary’s School Chardon is a Catholic School for grades preschool through eight where students are encouraged to develop academically in an environment of faith, with a vision for the future.

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