Probiotics Are Helping with More than Digestion

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As many have come to know, our guts are filled with good bacteria and yeasts (intestinal flora) that aid with digestion. Those who have digestive problems or do not digest food properly may take probiotics (healthy bacteria or yeast based organisms), to give their gut a little, helpful boost. However, did you know that probiotics could do more than aid digestion? Were you aware that probiotics can help your sons and daughters avoid the flu this season?

According to the Natural Products Insider, new studies illustrate that probiotics can have immune benefits for people of all ages. Did you know that 80% of the immune system is located in the digestive tract? Maintaining a healthy gut is imperative when trying to support your immune system – especially during cold and flu season!

Global Health Center has complied a list of several foods that can provide a natural source of probiotics for you and your children.

Yogurt – One of the best probiotic foods is yogurt. However, not all yogurts are made the same. Check the label before you buy – many commercially made yogurts are filled with high fructose corn syrup.

Sauerkraut – Sauerkraut is rich in live cultures and can actually reduce symptoms brought on by allergies.

Dark Chocolate – Some high-quality dark chocolates have four times the amount of probiotics as some dairy products.

Pickles – Common green pickles are a surprisingly good food source of probiotics!

In addition to food, you can also get probiotics through supplements. Hebron USA offers a fantastic, all natural “ready-to-drink” probiotic.

According to the Hebron USA website, Florax DS Ready to Drink Probiotic provides live probiotic or nutritional yeast cultures. It begins providing relief through a liquid suspension that delivers live cultures to the intestines in an active state that begin providing immediate relief. Offered in two flavors, natural and raspberry, Florax DS helps to naturally support the immune system, supports and maintains intestinal health, and delivers live probiotic cultures.

The best part is that you only need to take Florax DS once a week. Get on the right track now and order Florax DS today.

No matter where you get your probiotics from, it is great to give your gut the boost it needs to better digest foods and help you fight off the cold or flu.

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