Resident Wish List for Rescue Village

Rescue Village needs your help!

There are endless opportunities for giving, especially at Christmas time. Many charitable organizations become especially burdened during the holidays as they work overtime to help provide the recipients of their programs with items that will meet necessary needs as well as include some special extras. All of us who have been blessed with enough should participate in sharing those blessings with others, especially during the holidays.

If you’re an animal lover, you too can help! Rescue Village has a wish list we’ve shared here. I think every single one of us already has at least one thing on this list in our homes that can be donated. And how easy it would be to add one extra pet toy, bag of food, grooming product or whatever to your cart the next time you go shopping then drop off at Rescue Village. Please consider doing so! It would make not only a furry critter happy, but all the dedicated helpers at Rescue Village.

Cats and Kittens

  • Purina Cat Chow and Purina Kitten Chow/Purina canned cat and kitten food
  • shoeboxes to play and hide in
  • Comfort Zone pheromone spray
  • cat safe toys: foam balls, jingle balls, fuzzy mice, laser lights, catnip, catgrass, etc.
  • plastic back scratchers
  • KMP (kitten milk replacement formula), nursing bottles
  • short sided litter pans and clay cat litter
  • scratching posts, cat trees, cat carriers, washable cat beds, Frontline, Advantage, or Revolution Products
  • Snuggle Safe Micro Disc or good quality heating pads

Dogs and Puppies

  • Purina One Puppy Chow, Purina One dog food-small bites
  • Pedigree or Purina canned dog and puppy food
  • Purina One – lamb and rice, adult or puppy
  • Nutro Natural Choice – chicken meal, rice+oatmeal formula
  • Esbilac, nursing bottles
  • soft dog treats, hot dogs, beef broth
  • rubber Kongs, Buster cubes, rope toys, balls, treat balls, puppy safe plush toys
  • Martingdale dog collars, nice buckle collars, Sensible Brand harnesses, 6′ leashes
  • dog beds (, Frontline, Advantage, or Revolution flea products

Little Critters

  • timothy hay (, bedding/nesting material
  • plain rabbit pellets, yogurt drops, hamster pellet food, seeds
  • fresh, dark salad greens – parsley, cilantro, romaine, kale
  • toys – canning jar rings, rolled oats boxes, cardboard paper rolls
  • Cottontail Cottages (
  • Yesterday’s News litter, extra large litter pans, exercise pens, willow ball, exercise wheel, small animal cages
  • water bottles, chew blocks, hideaways

Shelter Supplies

  • paper towels, garbage bags, brooms, dust pans, sponges, dusters, liquid laundry detergent, manual can openers
  • bleach, dishwashing liquid, heavy duty garbage bags, staplers, tape dispensers
  • clean bed comforters, blankets, towels, throw rugs/carpet squares and samples
  • gift certificates for PetSmart or Pet Supplies Plus

Shelter Hours

Monday – Noon – 7pm
Tuesday – Noon – 5pm
Wednesday – CLOSED
Thursday – Noon to 7pm
Friday – Noon – 5pm
Saturday – Noon – 7pm
Sunday – Noon – 5pm

Rescue Village is located at 15463 Chillicothe Rd. (Rt. 306) in Russell Township. Call (440) 338-4819 if you have any questions.

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Author: Geauga News