Saturday Morning Shuffle #1

It’s a new year at Geauga News and we’re introducing a new exciting weekly feature:

The Saturday Morning Shuffle

Here’s Are the Rules:

1. Team Geauga News will be posting 3 short audio clips each Saturday morning.

2. You get to guess the Song NameArtist, Album Originally Released On, and Year Originally Released for tracks 1, 2, and 3 and post your guess in the comments below like this:

Ramble On – Led Zeppelin, on “Led Zeppelin II” released 1969

3. For every correct guess you’ll get one point towards the monthly drawing for that month’s Saturday Morning Shuffle prize giveaway!  You don’t have to know all three tracks, but if you do, go ahead and list them all. So remember:

Guess the Correct Artist – Earn 1 Point

Guess the Correct Song – Earn 1 Point

Guess the Correct Year Released – Earn 1 Point

Guess the Correct Album the Song Was Originally Released On – Earn 1 Point

4. Monday we’ll announce the correct answers for the week in the follow up answers post!

If you need help – don’t forget you can share this post on your Facebook wall, or email it to your friends and ask them to help you figure out what clips these tracks come from!

Here are the tracks for week #1:

(Just click the play button below)

Track #1

Track #2

Track #3

Thanks for playing!  Tell us what you think of this new feature in the comments as well.  We want to hear your feedback!

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