SCORE | Cleveland – November 2021 Workshops at a Glance

Financial Series

The Financial Series is a three-part workshop designed to help business owners build a financial foundation of learning the basics, forecast business performance and use the business data to be profitable.

Thursday, November 4th @ 4 pm

Session 1: The Basics will begin by reviewing basic business vocabulary. We will then use that vocabulary to model profitability and break even analysis. This class will help business owners understand how their sales volume relates to their profitability after fixed and variable costs are calculated.

Thursday, November 11th @ 4 pm

Session 2: Use Financial Data to Forecast Business Performance allows you to utilize the basics you have learned to help you forecast your business performance and make better business decisions.

Thursday, November 18th @ 4 pm

Session 3: Use Your Data to Make Your Business More Profitable will give you a hands-on approach as you bring your business’ financial goals and challenges to a group discussion and practice session.

 Other Great November Webinars

Tuesday, November 2nd @ 4 pm

Marketing and Customer Retention
This session will discuss the difference between a business and a brand. In addition, you will understand why marketing is a toolbox with many tools and how to have business growth through customer retention.

Tuesday, November 16th @ 4 pm

Federal Contracts…How to Get Them, How to Keep Them
Join us as we review how technical requirements are specified in federal government solicitations and show how key clauses can affect your success in performing and getting paid on the resulting contracts.

Wednesday, November 17th @ 4 pm

How to Negotiate for Business Success
Almost everything in business requires negotiation. Having the right tools can help you negotiate the best deal. After this session, you will have both the tools and ideas to manage the negotiation process to your advantage.

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