Shaving Heads Means More Than Just Summer Relief For Guys!

Shaving heads is pretty common at this time of year – for guys at least. Not much thought goes into it. Time to remove the ‘blanket’ and feel the summer breeze!

For some, though, head shaving reaches way below the surface.

Cancer has sadly become a well known household term. But being well known and being understood are not always synonymous. That applies even more so to childhood cancers. There are many cancers that strike kids which are different from adult cancers because there are over a dozen known types and countless subtypes, making it more challenging for researchers to find cures for every kid.

St. Baldrick’s is one organization that has made a huge contribution toward the funding of this research. It began in 1999.

Tim Kenny issues a challenge to colleagues John Bender and Enda McDonnell: How will you give back in return for your own good fortune in business? Enda’s thick head of hair gives John the big idea—shave their heads for donations to raise funds for kids with cancer.

I’m sure none of these three men were aware of the national impact it would have on this country at that time. But by the spring of 2002, 37 shaving heads events had taken place and more than $1 million was raised!

While St. Baldrick’s is a lot of fun, there is one thing the Foundation could not take more seriously: investing every dollar raised in the best possible childhood cancer research. An army of St. Baldrick’s volunteers have made it possible to award $127 million in grants since 2005–nearly $25 million in 2013 alone.

More than 215 children’s hospitals throughout the United States are the recipients of the funds raised through St. Baldrick’s events, some of them in the Cleveland area. With so much still to be understood about childhood cancer, St. Baldrick’s has created a fun way for people to get involved. Events take place all across the country where participants collect donations from friends, family, businesses, etc. and on the day of the event, have their heads shaved. Hair is then donated for wigs to children who have undergone cancer treatments and lost their hair.

One of the amazing things about St. Baldrick’s is the number of girls and women who have beautiful long hair, yet willingly sacrifice it for this cause. Truly, the best of human nature is captured during these events as one sacrifices for the sake of another – all voluntarily.

On May 20, 2014, the Chardon High School gymnasium was transformed into a giant salon where a St. Baldrick’s event was scheduled. On site was B. Anthony’s Salon of Chardon for the hair cutting. Jennifer Swartz, owner, shares, “It was a fun and emotional event…today. Our salon, Xpression’s Salon, and another local salon joined forces today for a great cause!”

There were 42 participants who altogether raised $4,469.43. And yes, many were girls!

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You can learn more about the research being funded, find out about funding near you, search by disease type, or locate the nearest event being held by visiting the St. Baldrick’s website. You can also type in the Chardon zip code on the events page and read participants’ stories as to why they chose to get involved.. You’ll find several rather sobering reasons. Here’s just one:

“My little cousin is currently 10 years old and has battled Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 3 different times since she was 3 years old. She is one of the strongest little girls I have ever seen and I’m proud to honor her in doing this. I’m also very happy to say that she is currently cancer free!”

If you are hosting an event and need a salon’s help, contact Jennifer who can give you more information.

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