Sirna’s Farm, Inc. Annual Fall Festival 2013

sirna4On my way home from Ravenna recently, I passed five or six printed vinyl signs on Route 44  touting local produce and Ohio goods. I had to stop. I walked in and was promptly greeted by Anna, a young, friendly gal with curly light reddish hair, who has been with Sirna’s Farm during this whole growing season as well as a couple summers past. She’s learned quite a bit about the farming process, the names of numerous varieties of vegetables, and how to purchase good quality produce when she can’t get it at Sirna’s over the winter! It was obvious she loved her job in this rustically decorated market with an atmosphere that shouts, “Come on in, friends!”

As I grabbed a few photos, we talked about the Fall Festival they are hosting these first two weekends of October. They are going to be occupying their days this week restocking all the shelves and refrigerators with locally grown, fresh, and preserved foods and products in anticipation of a good crowd over the weekend. This blue ribbon farm is bringing out the best of the end-of-the-season produce for customers to indulge in.

sirna3Colorful squash; peppers in red, yellow, and green; crates of crisp juicy apples; baskets of sweet pears; and pumpkins galore will be on hand. Cider, bakery, and fall décor with lots of other locally made goods will line the shelves. Anna will be there along with fellow staff to help customers and guide them both inside and outside where there will be plenty of family friendly farm displays and activities to enjoy.

After tasting both samples of Sirna’s homemade dill and sweet pickles, I purchased a jar of the dills and said goodbye. I don’t expect them to be around after the family dinner tomorrow night!

Be sure to add this Fall Festival to your family’s events either this weekend or next. Sirna’s has a gorgeous spot on the southern farmland of the county, and there’s no way you can’t enjoy the day. Tell them you read about it in Geauga News – and say hello to Anna!

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