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“To improve the sight and quality of life for children with DS (Down Syndrome) and other special needs by providing custom frames that fit your children’s unique needs.”

~ The mission of Specs4Us 


Heroes and heroines are defined in many different ways by those who regard them as such. Often times it is a sports figure. Others may declare inventors, historical figures, or military leaders to be their hero. But for thousands of people all over the globe, their heroine is a local Geauga County resident named Maria Dellapina, the creator of Erin’s World Frames made especially for children who have Down Syndrome. Why? Because she changed the way in which these children see the world!

As the mother of a special needs child, Maria was determined to give her daughter the opportunity to see. To see the world clearly and comfortably; to enjoy activities that most people take for granted because they are not always having to push a pair of ill-fitted glasses into place; to provide freedom from constant frustration for both her daughter and for herself. Because of this determination, she not only opened up a whole new world of joy for her own daughter, Erin, but she also searched until she found a manufacturer who would carry out her dream of making these same frames available to other special needs children who suffered the same frustrations.

This customer says it well:

“As for Ezrie, she’s walked into a whole new world. She’s happier, she’s more hyper (oie!), and she’s babbling more. Books are more interesting now, and she has advanced according to her therapists, suddenly, as if over-night. I watched her flip completely upside down and then back up, and her glasses didn’t budge from her face. Transitioning her into wearing these glasses was easy… ALL THANKS TO YOU!!!” ~ L. O’Neil

Erin's World FramesSpecs4us (Superior Precision Eyewear for Children who are Special) was founded in 2004 and has since grown into a world wide provider of these superior quality frames. In the United States alone over 5,000 newborns per year are diagnosed with Down Syndrome (DS) and 87 percent of those will need corrective eyeglasses before the age of three. Erin fell into that category.

When Erin turned two years old and Maria became aware of her need for glasses, she searched for over two years to find the right sized frames, but to no avail. So with her 25 years of experience as an optician, she began drawing up plans of her own. She designed the bridge of Erin’s World Frames to fit on the smaller noses of children with DS, and the temples (or arms) were designed to help keep the glasses from constantly slipping. For children all over the world, this has literally changed the way they see life! “The support and encouragement I have received is truly amazing,” shares Maria. “The most frequent message is the heightened quality of life and attitude these frames have brought to the children, beyond just their ability to see correctly.”

ErinRegular glasses will never be able to accommodate the needs of a child who just does not fit into that ‘regular’ category. They are either looking over the glasses because they rest so far down on their nose, or they are tilting their head way back to see through them. Can you imagine living with that day in and day out? Many children just pull the glasses off from frustration! To have found a solution for Erin that has changed her life for the better is extremely satisfying. But as Maria says,“Helping families with the same challenges I have faced is like icing on the cake. For that I feel truly blessed, which is the strongest measurement of success to me.”

You can find Specs4Us online where you will see the frames and can even order them if you already have a prescription. There are clear instructions on how to measure, and someone is available to assist if you need help with your order just by calling. Or you can visit one of the local providers listed here. Erin’s World Frames also have available free replacements parts such as nose pads and temple pic covers. The website is full of useful information and inspiring testimonies you will thoroughly enjoy reading and listening to. Their Facebook page has many additional success stories and pictures of so many happy children. Well worth a visit. If you or anyone you know has a child with Down Syndrome or another special need, this is THE place to direct them. It will literally change the way they see life and open up a whole new world of opportunities!

Local office locations:

Dr. K. Mahaffey
7529 Fredle Drive
Concord,OH 44077
(440) -853-8581
Great with Kids

Professional Optical
9485 Mentor Ave # 111
Mentor, OH 44060
(440) 974-9449
Please call in advance. Accepts most insurance plans including:
Aetna, Cigna and Medical Mutual

Geauga Vision
14901 N State Ave
Middlefield, OH 44062
(440) 632-1695
Please call in advance. Accepts most insurance plans including:
Anthem and EyeMed

Chagrin Valley Optometrists
5210 Chillicothe Rd # B
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
(440) 338-5900
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