Spring Has Sprung Salamander Run: Nature’s Not to Be Missed!

Spotted Salamander

Wood Frog males jockeying for position to attract females by charging each other to gain prime spots produces a sight in which the water seems to boil or bubble with activity. What are the odds you’ll see this natural phenomenon in real life? With Naturalist Dan Best keeping his eye out for optimal surface-rippling conditions, pretty good! So, come enjoy the beauty of nature with us at the Spring Has Sprung Salamander Run at the West Woods Nature Center, 9465 Kinsman Road (Route 87), Russell Township.

Register your name on a call list to witness the natural phenomenon of spring breeding behavior of Wood Frogs and Spring Peepers with hopes of catching the rain-driven march of large salamanders to woodland pools.

In late March to early April when warm, rainy conditions bring amphibians to breeding pools, Naturalist Dan will make the call to hold the program (8 – 9:30 p.m.) – then we’ll start making calls to everyone registered at online through the Geauga Park District website or by calling 440-286-9516.

Frogs will move in the early evening; salamanders, late evening. Spring Peepers call so loud that their bulging vocal sacs look as though they might burst! The din can actually leave your ears ringing.

“We always hope to also see a Spotted or Jefferson Salamander in the water, but this is not a given,” Dan said. “Only if the rains come early enough in the afternoon and continue on into the evening will we have a chance of seeing a salamander or two moving overland to the pools, but timing of darkness and rain has to be just right so this is not to be expected.”

Once you sign up, expect a call in the late afternoon on the day of, or possibly the day before, the program, and set out appropriate clothing and flashlights for your visit. “People have to take seriously the line about ‘short notice,'” said Dan, as the decision to hold the program is based on the amount and timing of rain, temperature and more.

Wetland areas utilized that night feature boardwalk and paved trails with ADA-OK grades for wheelchairs and strollers.

This always-popular, all-ages program WILL fill up quickly, so get on the call list ASAP!

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