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Unity Day!

Pictured is a group of students signing the Unity poster after making the ‘pinky promise,’ L-R Kendra Mize, Lois Brent, Maria Linares, Evie Zettl, and Grace Barcikoski.

Students at St. Helen School celebrated unity! Every year in October, a special event comes around — the Day of Unity.  This year it was celebrated on October 19. Unity Day is part of several anti-bullying campaigns and is the signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month.  The students at St. Helen School wore orange and school spirit attire to represent how we are one united community in Christ.  Students participated in a “pinky promise” pledge to always be kind to one another and follow the golden rule. We are blessed to have such a kind, loving, and Christ-filled community!

Studio 3:16

Shevin McCullough talking with the fourth grade class.

St. Helen School in Newbury had a special visitor, Shevin McCullough, from Studio 3:16.  Shevin McCullough is the co-founder of Cross-Boss Media, and co-writer and lead personality of Studio 3:16.  Studio 3:16 is a Christian children’s show that provides educational comedy based on Gospel passages and teachings, made relevant through storytelling, music and humor.  St. Helen is implementing the program this year and was thrilled to have Shevin fly in from Florida and stop by for a visit.  The students were so excited to meet him in person. Shevin toured the school, visited the classrooms, and led the students in prayer.


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