Steam Powered Sawmill Running at 64th Annual Apple Butter Festival

The steam engine whistles, the saw blade whirls, the massive logs are transformed into usable lumber! It seems so simple by today’s standards, but in its day it was the life blood of a community in Ohio, the Western Frontier.

Once again the Century Village Museum’s Sawmill will come to life during the 64th Annual Apple Butter Festival, October 13 and 14.

steam powered sawmill

It’s a tradition for young and old alike. Many recall from their youth how the sawmill seemed so huge and amazing. The sounds, scents, and visions are etched in many a person’s memory. Relive those memories and bring those who haven’t been exposed to this wonderful experience. Between the swirling aroma of apple butter being made and the sweet scent of freshly cut wood, one is not wanting for entertainment.

But wait, our historical artisans will also be demonstrating their crafts for view and purchase! On Sunday, our 1st Annual Artisan Auction will offer some of the finest artisan items from our area. The auctioneer will begin at 2:30! Don’t miss this great opportunity to obtain unique one-of-a-kind items. The proceeds will help Century Village Museum continue to offer Education-Preservation-History for years to come.

Active since 1938, the Geauga County Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that supports Century Village Museum, a recreation of an 1800s Western Reserve settlement that includes 22 historic buildings and six support structures situated on 65 acres in Burton, Ohio. To fulfill its educational role, Century Village provides tours to roughly 5,000 school children from 60 schools every year. The museum hosts several major annual events highlighting various historical and cultural aspects of the Connecticut Western Reserve. The Geauga County Historical Society also makes available over 20,000 artifacts and documents for research and study.

Century Village is located at the intersection of Routes 168 and 87 in Burton, Ohio. For more information, please call 440-834-1492 or visit their website.


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