STEM & Entrepreneurship Scholars earned $41,000 in Scholarships during an online Believe in Ohio – Qualifying Competition 

Funded by the State of Ohio through the Department of Higher Education and operated as a  program of The Ohio Academy of Science, Believe in Ohio is a STEM and entrepreneurship program that  teaches students how to commercialize products and services and create business plans that are driven by  innovation. 

Recently, students from 17 high schools throughout Ohio competed in the second of two Qualifying  Competitions for the opportunity to advance to the 2022 Believe in Ohio State Competition. Student projects are developed and then evaluated either as a STEM Commercialization Plan or a STEM Business Plan. The  Believe in Ohio State Competition will take place at the beginning of July. Students at the state competition will  compete for up to $375,000 in total scholarship awards. 

“STEM is the driver for innovation and when combined with entrepreneurship, it becomes a powerful force that drivesthe creation for new products and services, and builds new industries”, said Michael E. Woytek, Executive Director for The Ohio Academy of Science. Woytek went on to add, “these students are  the future professionals needed to propel Ohio’s innovation economy”. 

Each of the students advancing from the Qualifying Competition will receive a $1,000 scholarship to attend  any Ohio college, university, or technical college and the opportunity to compete for a $5,000 or $10,000  scholarship (per plan) at the State Competition. 

Believe in Ohio is a free, comprehensive, curriculum-based, STEM and entrepreneurship program for Ohio high  school students. The program is designed to create a “Culture of Innovation” and to prepare students to meet  the demands of a rapidly changing labor market and become contributors to Ohio’s innovation economy. Believe in Ohio is a program of The Ohio Academy of Science and was collaboratively developed with  Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio. For more information about Believe in Ohio, please visit


The Believe in Ohio Qualifying Competition Scholars include: 

Anna High School – Anna 

    • Madison Victoria Jeffries, 12 – Individual Plan Title: The Food Oasis 
    • Carly Lynn Koverman, 12 – Individual 

Plan Title: SleepRate App 

Bio-Med Science Academy STEM School – Rootstown

Logan Christopher Cook, 10 – Individual

Plan Title: VSBS – Variable Size Box Stacking 

Brecksville-Broadview Hts HS- Broadview Hts Nathan Lee Arens, 11 – Individual 

Plan Title: Swing by Targy 

    • Grace Frances Dachtler, 12 – Individual Plan Title: Infrared Skin Care 
    • McKenna Marie Mack, 11 – Individual 

Plan Title: X-Perience the Workplace 

    • Lucas Anthony Torres, 11 – Individual 

Plan Title: SoundCube: Your Desktop Recording  Studio 

    • Audrey Elise Bird, 11 – Team 
    • Emma Maureen Caputo, 11 

Plan Title: The AirBoot: Ski on Air 

    • Fiona Kumar, 11 – Team 
    • James David Patrick, 11 

Plan Title: Wrapped 

    • Jacob Douglas Roberts, 11 – Team 
    • Kai James Sustersic, 11 
    • Joshua Lewis Ackerman, 11 

Plan Title: H.A.R.P. Glasses 

Canfield High School – Canfield 

    • Jocelyn Jin Zhao, 11 – Individual 

Plan Title: New Tortilla Shape Allows For Greater  Burrito Filling Capacity 

North Canton Hoover High School – North Canton

Ryan Michael Pedone, 9 – Individual 

Plan Title: Cell Phob 

Notre-Dame Cathedral Latin School – Chardon Jasmine Marie Abounader, 12 – Team 

    • Zoey Maria Daher, 12 
    • Lia Alicia Kimball, 12 

Plan Title: The Hydration Guard 

    • Nathan Lewis Galante, 12 – Team 
    • Eric John Remchick, 12 
    • Alex Jeffrey Simerale, 12 

Plan Title: Shoe-Port 

Notre-Dame Cathedral Latin School – Chardon (con’t.) Julia Frances Jaworski, 11 – Team 

    • Sophia Elizabeth Rowan, 11  
    • Madison Sameera Thomas, 11 

Plan Title: Go Green Composting Machine 

    • Frank Leo Kroto, 11 – Team 
    • Joe William Stolarik, 11  
    • Noah Patrick Weber, 10 

Plan Title: BioTech Lure Company 

Olmsted Falls High School – Olmsted 

    • Aidan James Ciehanoski, 12 – Individual 

Plan Title: Health As A Whole 

    • Jayden Jeffrey Kleinman, 12 – Individual 

Plan Title: Wellness Walker 

    • Jack Edson Shelnutt, 10 – Individual 

Plan Title: ProSoil 

Rutherford B. Hayes High School – Delaware 

    • Adam Clay Fronduti, 11 – Individual 

Plan Title: JazzAssist: a Fusion of a Cultural Artform  and Technology 

Valley Forge HS – Parma Heights 

    • Alejandro Agosto, 12 – Individual 

Plan Title: Poseidon Car-Side Express 

    • Kaylee Rauch, 12 – Individual 

Plan Title: Training Track 

VanWert HS – Van Wert 

    • Natalie Renee Benner, 12 – Team 
    • Ian Michael Rex, 12 

Plan Title: Improved Shopping Wheel Caster 

    • Keigen Lynn Thomas Martz, 12 – Team 
    • Hunter Isaac Martz, 12 

Plan Title: New Spike Design for Cross-Country Shoes Joshua Paul Reichert, 12 – Team 

    • Robert William Spath, 12  

Plan Title: Binder Ring Correction 

West Geauga High School – Chesterland 

    • Amy Marie Johnson, 12 – Individual 

Plan Title: AUDITION Recording Studio 


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