Students Enjoy Virtual Field Trips to National Landmarks at Chagrin Falls Intermediate School

Fifth-grade students at Chagrin Falls Intermediate School took a virtual field trip to see Aztec historical sites in what is now Mexico and New Mexico. In Amy Acton and Ellen McElvey’s classes, students learned about the Aztec culture. Students journeyed  to Tenochtitlan and Templo Mayor, where they saw the ancient city and its temples. Students connected what they learned about the architecture, cultural heritage, and daily lives of the Aztec people with the ruins they saw in virtual reality.

Fourth graders, after learning about weathering, erosion, and deposition, visited the Grand Canyon in science with their teachers Whitney Miller, Alex Klusmann, and Heather Reeder.  They toured a trail on the Grand Canyon, where they noticed that the jagged edges of the rock indicated that weathering and erosion had occurred. They then travelled to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, to the Colorado River, where students noticed broken rocks and a rushing river, and made the connection between the erosion and deposition that formed the canyon.


The headsets and software were purchased through a generous grant from the PTO. Future virtual field trips include Ancient Egypt with the sixth-grade history classes, biomes with the Intermediate School science class, and France with the Advanced Placement French class.

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