#TailsOfGivingTuesday’s 8th Tail: Nevra is Waiting on her Second Chance at Motherhood

Rescue Village has officially kicked off their #GivingTuesday campaign by sharing “#TailsOfGivingTuesday,” stories told every Tuesday from now until #GivingTuesday (November 29th) of animals who have passed through our doors and left big pawprints on our hearts.

This week, was the story of Nevra, who came to us as a humane case in the Spring of this year. Nevra and Casanova, who was Nevra’s older son, were both seized when it was discovered that Nevra’s newborn foal had been separated from her at birth and had tragically starved to death.

Nevra and Casanova were both slightly underweight and had parasites when they came into our care but Rescue Village pressed charges against the owner due to the deceased foal that was found on the property. The defendant ultimately pled no contest to a second degree misdemeanor charge.

After her foaling, we knew that Nevra had been housed with Casanova who was a young stallion, so checking her for another pregnancy was top priority. An ultrasound confirmed our suspicions and the recovery of one became the recovery of two. Nevra, who was the mother of the deceased foal, came to us pregnant again and terrified. Rescue Village staff described her as the most difficult horse they had ever handled. We are happy to report that with months of patience and skilled handling Nevra has come around. The chance at healthy foaling for this mare (who lost her last) is bittersweet.

Her belly continues to grow towards her February/March due date and so does her connection with people. Nevra will remain in Rescue Village’s care for as long as she needs. We hope that with our care and expertise, her foal will be born happy and healthy and we will have two homes to find. Until then, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Horses are the most expensive animals for us to take care of. And both Nevra and her unborn foal will be with us for several more months. Help us support Nevra’s second chance at motherhood by donating on #GivingTuesday.

Head to bit.ly/RVGivingTues to donate (You can also head to GeaugaHumane.org).

Check out our social media (@RescueVillage) on November 29th for an update on how Petunia is doing and every Tuesday until then for more #TailsOfGivingTuesday.

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