The Art of Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy

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The Art of Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy reach beyond the recorded history of the oldest civilizations, yet unlike other ancient therapies, their value in promoting health is verified by scientists today.

You’ve heard it said, ‘knowledge = power’. Did the ancients know something that we moderns have possibly overlooked? If so, let’s not miss out any longer! By taking personal responsibility for your health and wellbeing, you’ll set yourself on a course of discovery or, better yet, recovery of ancient rituals that very well could prevent some of our modern day maladies such as vascular disease, diabetes and cellular disturbance in general.

The more we explore the connection between the mind, body and emotions, we see the value of looking at of all these areas to see if my overall health is moving in a positive or negative direction.

Stress Relief

“We all need some stress to add zest and interest in life, but when it becomes too much and we fail to cope with it, stress can be detrimental to health. Each day, hundreds of thousands of people take off time from work and school due to stress related ailments such as headaches, insomnia and digestive disorders. To deal with stress effectively, we need to be in control and be aware of our levels of anxiety and exhaustion. Massage, reflexology and aromatherapy help us to do this by teaching us what it feels like to be really relaxed.” Pocket Massage for Stress Relief by Clare Maxwell-Hudson

Reflexology for Wellbeing

Reflexology and massage soothe the body and mind and are thought to instigate the flow of endorphins (opiate like substances) through the body. In doing so, endorphins improve our well-being and evidence shows that feeling good and having a positive outlook boosts health. A 1995 hospital study analyzed the response of cancer patients to a weekly massage. After eight weeks, patients not only felt more optimistic, but showed great improvement in levels of pain and mobili.

The Power of Scents

Essential oils are the aromatic compounds found in any part of a plant, including the aerial parts, roots and seeds. These powerful phytochemicals are non-water oils that are quickly absorbed by the skin. Essential oils enhance the benefits of massage. In a 1994 study, post cardiac patients were offered either conversation, rest, a foot massage with unscented oil or one with fragrant neroli oil. Both massage groups had lower anxiety rates than the control groups. Yet, those who received neroli oil felt more positive. Essential oils are best diluted with a carrier oil when being applied to the skin. A few drops in a warm bath, on a warm or cool compress or diluted in water and used as a room spray are some of the many ways that you can take steps towards caring for your emotional wellbeing.

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