The Geauga News Wants to Thank You!

In September 2011, only a few short months ago, an idea was created. That idea was to create an online publication where residents alike could get the most current up-to-date information about Geauga County. Whether you currently live, work, dine, shop, own a business, or simply visit family and friends, the goal was to highlight all of what Geauga County has to offer.

The creator has been passionate from the beginning that this online source would support and provide wholesome news and positive information about this beautiful picturesque county. Over the next few weeks, a small team of local residents and business owners joined together and the “idea” of the Geauga News quickly became a reality.

On November 1st the Geauga News launched its very own Facebook Page. We spent the first weeks of November spreading the word through various forms of social media and collectively started to create content that we think you would enjoy most.

On Sunday November 27th, with only 169 Fans on Facebook, the Geauga News officially launched its first article on our website. By December 5th we had nearly doubled our likes and it was then that a goal was set to reach 1000 fans by Jan 1st.

Each day the Geauga News Team would get so excited every time a new friend liked us on Facebook, or subscribed to our weekly emails. During mid-December we hit a lull and the goal seemed somewhat out of reach. Each day the team would consistently generate articles and continued to promote our new endeavour through the Geauga News Website, Facebook and Twitter.

On December 30th with just a little over 900 fans, the team rallied together behind the goal and continued to spread the word. On New Year’s Eve, while most people were counting down to 2012, the Geauga News Team was counting up to 1000 fans to reach our goal.

Even our currently subscribed fans got behind the goal and helped us spread the word. At just 68 minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve we hit our goal of 1000 fan likes. Congratulations to Nina Reed who was lucky number 1000 and more importantly helped us not only reach but achieve our first goal.

Together We Reached 1,000 Likes on Facebook!

So as promised 10 lucky winners will have their choice at one of three prizes…1) Two Free Pool Passes to Punderson Manor Lodge 2) $5.00 coupon to Coffee Corners in Burton 3) Two Free Open Gym Passes to Emeth Gymnastics (for those who have children ages 3 – 18 years of age).

  1. Nina Reed (#1000)
  2. John Mark Burton
  3. Geo Chittle
  4. Sherry Hodous Vannoy
  5. Tom Newcomb
  6. Becky Mason
  7. Nancy Shay
  8. Stephanie Stevens Hyslop
  9. Christine Glasscock Graley
  10. Jim Koehler

Please email your prize choice along with your contact information to Once we receive your information we will ship your prize out to you.

It goes without saying that the only way we can continue to grow our fan base is by people like you who continue to support us and spread the word. I don’t think any one of the Geauga News Team wants to stop until every household in Geauga County has heard about our positive online publication.

Now off to reach our 2012 goals…next goal is 10,000 Facebook Likes by June 1st.  We will keep your posted every step of the way.

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