The Moxies

The Moxies

moxiesSometimes bigger isn’t better. Sometimes more isn’t necessarily merrier. This is certainly the case with the promising young blues-rock duo from Middlefield. The Moxies have been impressing audiences with their minimalistic rock and roll since their inception in December of 2011.

Two things are going to happen when you are a blues-rock duo. The first is that people are going to ask why you don’t have a bass player. The second is that you are going to draw comparisons to The White Stripes and the Black Keys. The Moxies definitely don’t need a bass player, and while they share some similarities with other duos of the same genre, they have undoubtedly managed to create a sound of their own.

When I sat down with the Moxies outside of Coffee Corners in Middlefield for a brief interview, I was surprised to learn that the drummer, Kevin Werfield, had never played drums prior to being in the band. Frontman Marco Ciofani asked him to play drums, so he borrowed a set from a friend, and the rest is history. Altogether, he has been playing the drums for less than one year. He definitely could have fooled me.

I had the pleasure of seeing the Moxies play in June at JB’s in Kent. They played with the confidence of a band that had been playing shows for years. Their songs are dynamic, powerful, well-written bluesy rock and roll tunes that grab your attention and leave you wanting more. The drums are big and loud. The guitar provides a large sonic array from beautiful clean arpeggios, to slide guitar, to overdriven mayhem. The vocals are well executed. I highly suggest you make an effort to see the Moxies in the near future. Visit Facebook for upcoming shows and events and stay tuned to hear some recordings due out later this year.


Jack O'Connell
Author: Jack O'Connell

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