Try a New Approach

When I walk outside, and it’s really early and the cool air of the morning is still dancing around my head, I like bending down to look at the dew on the long grass and on the daisies. If you get really close and look, you can see the whole world is reflected in that little glowing universe of that dew drop. I think there are a lot of important things in the details. Sometimes we just have to stop and look a little closer.

Time, busyness, bad habits, and natural patterns of life often end up making us oblivious to the important details that are surrounding us every day. I think it’s just natural to forget to notice – or easy to forget to care.

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”
~William Morris

Today I want to help you appreciate what you have. Try a new approach:

1. Do you always go the same way to work?

Leave early and take a new route. Maybe you’ll see something beautiful.

2. Are you stuck shopping or eating at the same places?

Try somewhere new. It can’t hurt, right?

3. Do you normally listen to the same kind of music, the same radio stations?

Try a genre you haven’t really given a shot before or try a new station.

Changing up our normal patterns will often help us become aware of new opportunities, new places, and new ideas. The details are often the very things that make up a wonderful experience, but it is easy to miss the details when we are in a mundane pattern.

So today, if you are a little bored or stuck in a usual routine, change it up. You never know what kind of adventures you might find for yourself.

What helps you appreciate the details? How do you change things up?
Share your comments below.

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