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Get your “A” game on this spring and summer with Geauga County Public Library (GCPL), Geauga Park District (GPD) and University Hospitals (UH) with WORK Out, a program designed to get you moving, both physically and mentally.

Scheduled to run May 1 – Sept. 11, WORK Out includes four components (Walk, Observe, Read, Know). WORK Out programs will be held in various GCPL locations as well as at other off-site venues. The free program is open to anyone older than 12 years.

When people sign up for WORK Out at their library, they will receive a starter kit with several items including a challenge log, a pedometer (courtesy of University Hospitals), a Sport Tek T-shirt while supplies last (from GCPL), maps (from Geauga Park District), a stylus pen and an extra issue of Lines & Links that notes the various programs that qualify for WORK Out credit. Once finished, participants will receive a few other prizes including a high-quality stainless-steel water bottle and a chance to win in drawings for marquee prizes including Fitbits, yoga mats, DVDs, walking sticks and more.

What do you have to do to jump in on all the fun? Simply complete a total of 10 challenges in the following categories:

Walk – Get up and get moving. Take a walk with GCPL. Several literary and historic walks are on the calendar. Learn about the colorful history behind the Chardon Square. Take your dog on a “Books and Barks” stroll through the park. Try Tai chi. There is even a bike ride that we’ll count as a “walk.” (Required: 3 “Walk” programs).

Observe – Attend any GCPL program. Exciting topics include history, tanning and skin cancer, nutrition, wine tasting, card making, drop spindle spinning, home design and much more. (Required: 2 “Observe” programs).

Read – OK, this one’s pretty obvious. Read a book or magazine. Check something out from any genre. Attend a book discussion group. Get suggestions from GCPL librarians, your reading resource. (Required: 3 “Read” programs).

Know – Curious about all this technology and how it’s impacting reading? Attend a Digital Discoveries class at GCPL and download an eBook. GCPL has several digital options for eBooks, audiobooks, music, movies, television shows and eMagazines. All you need is a library card, Internet connection and your smart phone or tablet. Even if you don’t have a device, you can still come in and learn how to make better use of email or take digital photos. (Required: 2 “Know” programs).

Find the lineup of WORK Out activities in the summer issue of Lines & Links, the GCPL newsletter. Or, peruse our online events calendar.

Extra perk: Get caught WORKing Out by wearing your WORK Out T-shirt and roving GCPL staff members and librarians will “ticket” you by entering your name extra times into the drawing for a Fitbit or other fabulous prizes.

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