“Valentine’s Day Dance Cruise”

Chagrin Fall’s Fred Astaire Dance Studio took 1st and 2nd Place with “Dancing With The Stripes” on board the Celebrity’s Constellation Ship.

The Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Chagrin Falls enjoyed it’s 3rd Annual Dance Cruise during the recent Valentine’s Day week. It amazes us on just how much fun one can have with eight trained ballroom dancers and live music each night on the Celebrity’s Constellation Ship. The highlight of our dance fun was the “Dancing with the Stripes” competition that the ship’s entertainment staff set up. We were lucky to have four of our dancers in our group selected to compete with one of the officers brave enough to enter a dance competition – having little or no ballroom dance background. After a medley of rumbas, waltzes, tangos, and salsas, the audience along with the ship’s judges (the captain, the head chef) were used to pick the final winner during a free style round. After over-the-top-dramatic-dancing, lifts that made one hope one would not fall, and crawling and rolling on the floor, the audience picked the winner – Karen Gates (owner of the Chagrin Falls Fred Astaire Dance Studio) and her officer partner, Tyler.

After the excursions to see sea turtles at Grand Cayman and zip-lining in Jamaica, along with great food and dancing every night, everyone can’t wait for next year’s Valentine’s Dance Cruise.

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