Wanted! Attendees of Auburn School

Did you attend Auburn School as a student, teacher, staff or other capacity? Would you like to contact fellow students, teachers, or staff? What better way than to attend a reunion!

Please contact us, so we can send you an invitation to an Auburn School Alumni reunion. We have graduates from 1933 to 1981. We would like to expand this to include those who attended in the 1990’s before it was closed. It is a great way to reconnect to others and reminisce of great times of history.

Remember the drinking fountain on the playground, the swings or slide . . . the afternoons of hopscotch and four corners on the playground when the days were filled with sunshine and great times? The snowy winters when the boys slid down the hill in their blue jeans and had wet pants the rest of the day?

The dinner is May 20th at Adam Hall on Washington Street. Please contact Patti Phillips at 440-343-0054 or Jake Trethewey at 440-991-7432. For those more techy, email us at AuburnSchoolAlumni@gmail.com with your name and address.

We are hoping to grow the event to include both young and those young at heart. We will be mailing the invites in the middle of April so please contact us as soon as possible so we can be sure to include you on the mailing list. If you know of others who would like to attend, please pass this information on to them.

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