Wanted: Writers to Report Positive Local News!

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  • Do you love living in Geauga County?
  • Do you love reading positive news?
  • Do you know some awesome people, places, events?
  • Do you garden, camp, hike the local parks, attend local functions, take great photos, buy local…you get the idea!

Then you have a story for us!

It was almost two years ago that Geauga News was created. Since that time, it has grown by leaps and bounds. We don’t need to tell you that it is a complete myth that ‘positive news doesn’t sell,’ or ‘people only want to read hardline stories.’ As a reader of Geauga News, you know nothing could be further from the truth. We understand that being aware of what is happening in the world, nation, and our own communities is important, but let’s keep it in proper balance. There are way more good things happening on a daily basis than bad, and it’s time we hear about them. It unites us, encourages us, inspires us, and gives us reason to hold onto the treasured relationships that are the foundation and essence of our community and our very lives. It motivates us to work together to make our community even better because we know and love the people who live here.

We are a very small staff. We want and need community writers to make Geauga News distinctly ‘Geaugan.’ Our unique geography, population, businesses, festivals, fair, local parks, and ranking as one of the top family friendly places to live in the nation can only be fully reported when you take part. We want YOU to write for US!

Join us on Saturday, September 21, at the Bainbridge Library from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and learn how you can become a part of our vision to spread positive news through Little Acorn Media publications, our parent company, and make Geauga County an even better place to live.

If you ever had even the slightest notion about becoming a writer, now is the time to pursue that through this FREE event.

Do you have to be able write perfect copy?

NO! That’s what editors are for!

  • Learn from our editor who has over 20 years writing experience about what to write and how to write for our publication.
  • Find out the philosophy behind Geauga News and how you can get your positive local news story published on our site!
  • Discover where stories exist and new effective headline techniques for article writing.
  • Listen how our founder Gabe Arnold discovered his writing voice and how you can discover yours.
  • Leave with a story already written!

Don’t miss this event. Guaranteed to be fun and educational and maybe even the beginning of that long anticipated authorship you always wanted!

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Registration is open until 9 p.m. September 20

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