Who Are Those Important “Go To” People In Your Life?

 Greg Battaglia from the Hiscox Agency should be one of them!

We all have ‘go to’ people in our lives. These are the people who immediately pop into our minds when we have a specific need. That need can be mild or severe, but those individuals are in place when we need them. Though family and friends are often those people, we also have specific doctors, vets, auto mechanics, coaches, and a host of other folks that we have designated as people we can trust with important areas of our lives and the lives of our family. We take the most time locating qualified ‘go to’ people when it pertains to the health and safety of those we love. How many of you would get online to look for a doctor you can trust AFTER your child has just been hit by a car? No way! You have already made plans for those emergencies ahead of time because the life of your child is at stake.

Where do insurance agents rank on your list of ‘go to’ people?

Unfortunately, for many families, they have been chosen randomly from the thousands that are listed online. No real person was ever contacted. Everything was completed over the internet. You got the cheapest policies available to satisfy state requirements. And you were happy….

  • until you realized AFTER the car accident that you were underinsured on your auto policy and now all your wages will be garnished for years to come.
  • until your home was struck by fire and you learned AFTER the fact that minimal coverage meant your home was insured for less than you thought and the company will not be covering nearly enough for repairs.
  • until you discovered AFTER your spouse died that his life insurance was a term policy and there is not nearly enough to cover the family’s needs.

All of these scenarios, which can and do happen, can be avoided by taking one simple step:

Call the Hiscox Agency in Burton!

Talk to any one of these local agents and get educated about the realities of insurance from a company that has been in existence for two generations. The Hiscox agents are your ‘go to’ people for all of your insurance needs, and as a well established company, will continue to be there when you need them most.

“I didn’t know anything about insurance at first,” says Greg Battaglia who has been with Hiscox for four years now. “People don’t realize how much they rely on that insurance agent to take care of an important issue. What if you don’t even know them?”

Greg has been a part of Geauga County for most of his life. He has been in auto service and still works some at the sheriff’s office. As an agent with Hiscox, he has spent many many hours over the last four years educating people about the need for proper coverage – not pressuring them. Pressure is one thing you will not feel from him; only a genuine concern for your interests, especially after witnessing the effects on those who were not insured or underinsured. He just recently spared some clients what would have been the awful consequences of being underinsured on their auto policy. “They wanted to insure for just liability. There was not a big dollar difference [between that and full coverage] so I explained the benefits of full coverage. They ended up in a very severe accident and the people who hit them didn’t have enough insurance. But this couple was able to make a claim on their own policy to help, so they weren’t completely out.”

Building relationships and educating clients is extremely important to Greg. “We will meet with them in their home, become a friend, create a relationship. When we sell you a policy, we’re interested in your family. Though we can’t set rates, we can keep in touch.” And that is something they do very well at! They receive many referrals from people who say things like, “You always call us back. We got to know you and you keep in touch with us. You call and even ask about the kids!” Neither Greg nor any Hiscox agent will just sell policies then hide away until you call them!

When you meet with Greg, he can address all your insurance questions and concerns, including:

  • the need for and amount of personal liability and how just a few extra dollars a year will increase protection significantly
  •  umbrella policies and the added benefits for an amazingly small additional cost
  •  finding the best insurance policies for limited budgets and how multi discounts are the way to go!
  •  the many discounts you can receive by just subscribing to the Farm Bureau publication
  •  the many kinds of life insurance options available and what an investment it can become

“Nobody wants to spend the money until something happens. Then they wish they had spent that $50 extra per year. If you’re looking for the cheapest insurance– I might not be your guy. But if you want good insurance – insurance that will truly protect you – I’ll sit with you all day long. When I know my clients are insured properly, I sleep better and night…..and my client does too.”

Where do insurance agents rank on your list of ‘go to’ people now?

 The Hiscox Agency has been here for decades serving Geauga County as well as Lake, Eastern Cuyahoga, Trumbull, Ashtabula, and Portage counties. They are a company you can trust to be there when you need them most.

Call them!

14606 West Park Street
P.O. Box 485
Burton, Ohio 44021
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