Why Social Media is Important for Small Town Businesses

Why Social Media is Important for Small Town Businesses:

  • It lets people know you’re out there…

    • Worldwide, there are over 900 million users on Facebook according to Read Write Web  and over 500 million users on Twitter according to Mashable. It does not matter that you are situated in a small town. The internet and its users are everywhere. Regardless of living in a small town, people everywhere have access to the latest technologies, Internet, and are as tech savvy as ever.
    • Aside from local residents, tourists visiting your town may be relying on social media to find out what your area has to offer. Having active social media accounts may help bring the tourists to your business.
  • …and listening! Interact with your customers

    • Social media helps your business build a gate, not a wall, between you and your customers. With the lines of communication open, you will be able to hear what your customers have to say and be able to respond. Customers will appreciate the interaction, knowing that you hear them. An advantage to being a smaller business is that you will have the opportunity to interact with each customer over social media, and ask for their input and learn their specific preferences rather than big box businesses that rarely interact with customers.
Why Social Media is Important to Small Businesses
Why Social Media is Important to Small Businesses
  • Allows you to demonstrate what you do, and how well you do it

    • Keep customers in the loop by posting content related to your business. Showcase new services and products you are offering. Have a deal going on? Let everyone know! Just won an award? Brag about it! Customers that follow you are inherently interested in what you have to say and should be reminded of how great you are.
  • It’s easy and FREE!

    • Social media platforms have free and easy to use interfaces that anyone is able to operate. You can link social media sites together to cross promote content and reach your entire follower base.
    • Using social media helps your search engine presence. Google personalizes search results based on the searcher’s location, and if you are actively using social media and talking about your business, you will show up closer to the top of the search results, thus increasing your visibility to potential customers and even your current customers.
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