Year End Thoughts From PWD Off Road

PWD OFF ROAD (Persons With Disabilities Off Road ) has grown very quickly over the past few months. We know there are many great people out there that share our passion for ATV off road adventures and want to share that passion with those who have disabilities. Our main mission is to give folks with disabilities the opportunity to  share in our passion and give them a chance to enjoy what a lot of us take for granted sometimes. To see such joy on that person’s face while  on ATV rides is something we never take for granted!

Darin Fry and his son DJ
Darin Frye and his son DJ

As many of you know, I have a 14 year old son who has severe autism. He enjoys his ATV rides  so much that it is mind blowing sometimes. This sense of joy and adventure out on the trails is what we are about. Simply stated –  WE LIKE TO RIDE! Whether or not you have someone with a disability in your life doesn’t matter. The whole point is to bring together people in all walks of life who love the ATV experience. My son has made great progress with his communication barriers directly related to the ATV rides and adventures we take part in. It has been the most effective therapy I have seen since I began my professional involvement in the PDD spectrum. (Pervasive Developmental Disorder)

Without our ATV trips, my son DJ would not be where he is today in some areas. He has learned to enjoy being in a group setting,  to make eye contact, and to have fun with others!  I will go to any length to promote this for him. Everyone always enjoys riding with DJ.  He puts a smile on your face! I want to thank everyone for believing in our mission and passion of this organization we have started. I want to say a special thank you to Greg (Fronk).  Without his vision and perspective, it would have remained only an idea in my head. It was his motivation that has made this possible and has allowed us our success thus far. Thank you all on Facebook for your participation and kind words.  They do not go unnoticed; we value it very much.

Thank you to our vendors including Ron at Rage Custom’s for being our very first sponsor and supporting us. Also for all our sponsors that believe in our mission and for graciously supporting PWD OFF ROAD. A special thanks to the Mud Buddies Foundation and their willingness to participate with us and share the same passion as we do. There is much more to come for PWD OFF ROAD in 2012.  Keep an eye on our forums, and we invite you to join in our mission. Many events are planned, and many are still being planned for the 2012 season. My personal goal is 4,000 miles in 2012! We did 3,200 this year.

Thanks again everyone for making all this possible and helping people enjoy the great outdoors!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.


Darin / President , PWD OFF ROAD

Darin Frye
Author: Darin Frye

My name is Darin Frye. I am a father of three, one of whom is my son Damon. When Damon was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with severe autism. He is now 14 years old and requires around the clock care. I started PWD Off Road for my son other young people like him.