You Probably Know About Them, But Have You Eaten Here?

Caleb and Gina

I had been with my girlfriend for six months, and I was hoping to take her out and spend a little money for a great meal to celebrate. But when the time actually came around, I didn’t have as much money as I had hoped and was a little bummed. I decided to go to a little Italian place in Newbury called Mangia Mangia.

Mangia Mangia - A Really Good Italian Restaurant

When we arrived we were seated right away and the waitress was very kind. The aromas from the kitchen hovered throughout the dining area and smelled fantastic. We looked over the large menu they had and decided we were in the mood for some seafood. To our surprise, all the prices were very affordable, even for seafood and other normally expensive dishes.

Gina ordered the Seafood Alfredo and I decided to try something that I had never had before called Stuffed Sole. Both our meals also came with a side salad. Gina’s Seafood Alfredo was brought out on a large plate. Her dish consisted of a generous amount of shrimp, crab meat, and fresh sea scallops. My dish was served on a medium sized dish with a side of Fettuccine Alfredo. My Stuffed Sole was a mound of shrimp and crab meat covered with three large filets of sole topped with provolone cheese.

As we began eating our entrees, we were quite amazed at how tasty they were. We had mistakenly equated less expensive with less scrumptious! I was very impressed. After we had eaten more than enough and were totally pleased, we still had a large amount of food to take home. How glad we were we had chosen Mangia Mangia’s instead of spending way more money on food and gas to drive somewhere three times as far!

On our way home, I was thinking about our awesome meal at such a great Italian place to eat – located right here in Geauga County. I had saved money and was also completely satisfied with the food we had been served. I was also happy Gina enjoyed the meal and time with me. We got to have a wonderful night out together with great conversation. It turned out to be a memorable and fun little six month anniversary for us. My budget tells me we will be going back to Mangia Mangia many more times to enjoy the fabulous food and great service!

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