Kent State Geauga

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You had me at "Hello" (or NOT!) - that's just one lesson that 209 high school sophomore students from Berkshire, Ledgemont, Newbury and Cardinal...

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This popular program, previously scheduled in February, was rescheduled due to adverse weather.

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This event is your chance to throw a pie in the face of Dean Jarrod Tudor, professors and administrators at the Geauga Campus.

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Protect Geauga Parks presents the first ever "Dancing with Coyotes" Valentine Square Dance Event

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The GGP’s Career Readiness program was a success, addressing the junior classes from Berkshire, Newbury and Ledgemont schools on January 6 at Kent State Geauga.
Juniors at Career Day Kent State

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On January 6, juniors from Berkshire, Ledgemont and Newbury High Schools participated in a career day event at Kent State Geauga.
High School Interns

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The Geauga Growth Partnership announces their January 20 Open House for Geauga County juniors, seniors and their parents to learn about the 2015 Paid Summer Internship program.

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The original group of students that initiated Career Day will soon spend the day at Kent State Geauga learning about the I-Sight Program.
marvin montgomery

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Marvin’s captivating presentations have assisted hundreds of organizations to meet or exceed their sales goals using his training programs.
Kent State University - Geauga Campus sign

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Come listen and learn from business strategist Dave Kraninger as he discusses strategic issues to help you become more successful.
The Incredible Edible Art Show

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Have you ever created a sculpture out of food? Now is your chance, plus you will be donating to a very good cause.
Kent State University

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The Kent State University Geauga Campus has been a bustling place as of late, hosting three community events in the past week.