2014: A Year of Big Losses and Big Gains for Jayce Hein

No one can argue that Jayce Hein, former Middlefield resident now a singer and songwriter in Nashville, has had an unforgettable year. In June, he celebrated a huge loss – one he was more than happy to be rid of as he appeared on the show Extreme Weight Loss and hopped on the scale to show the world he said goodbye to a total of 188 pounds!

Not only did he rid himself of the physical weight, but he also ditched a set of personal beliefs about himself which he had carried for decades. “It was hard to believe ANY good thing about yourself,” he says. But after a year of hard work, grueling at times, he realized he had just accomplished something, which for years previously, he was never able to do, and he had done the work himself. “Everybody [all the cast members] got so much more confidence for anything else they wanted to do in life.”

That confidence is far from arrogance though! Throughout this entire series of stories, not once has he come across as anything but genuinely grateful for what has taken place in his life. Now he just has a lot more joy and a lot more energy than before! When I asked him where he would like to see himself in 5 –10 years he said, “I’d like to still be writing and continue to grow as a writer. I’d like to hear those DJs say my name and I always want to keep this dream alive.” Then he adds in a humble tone, “ But no matter what, I’m happy. Even if I didn’t sell anything ever again, it’s cool to see how things have worked out. I could never complain.”

For now, though, Jayce is thoroughly enjoying the gains he’s had this year as a result of continually pushing himself to be better and accomplish more. The release of his first CD, which he debuted at a performance at The Iron Horse Saloon in October, was met with lots of enthusiasm from all the hometown folks. And there is sure to be more to come. He’s just begun!

Jayce plans to stay in Nashville, which he now considers home. “I don’t think I’ll ever leave. I miss Ohio, but I have a big family here too, and it just feels like home now,” he says. He spends his days writing with that “family” – his close friends and cowriters, and listening to all kinds of music including oldies, ’90s, pop, new and old country, Christian, and Christmas music, which he loves. “I may do a Christmas CD because it’s one of my favorite kinds of music, so happy and uplifting.”

Jayce Hein

He would also love to play alongside Eric Church one day, one of his favorite artists. “He’s so different. I love his writing style. He takes things from such a different angle, not the obvious.” “Give Me Back My Hometown” is a current fave of Jayce’s by Eric right now.

For those young aspiring musicians out there, how can you get a foot in the door? “Be ready to move,” says Jayce. “ You’re not going to write in Middlefield and have it published. You must go to the place where your kind of music is: if country, go to Nashville; if rap, go to New York. Work on it every day. Write, practice, be persistent. Keep an open mind to criticism. Don’t block it out. You can always better yourself when you listen to what others say about your song.”

Thanks, Jayce for taking the time to share your story with us in this series! Your hometown misses you, but looks forward to your next appearance and everyone wishes you continued success!

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Below are two more songs of Jayce’s, one yet to be cut, along with their backgrounds.

Mile Marker Milestones

(Written by Joe Doyle/ Thomas Tillman/ Jayce Hein)

“I wrote this with my friends Joe Doyle and Thomas Tillman. Thomas started playing this melody and kept singing the word ‘milestones.’ Joe added ‘mile marker’ in and we wrote the song. It’s a simple song about stand out events in life and where they happened.”


248 by the graveyard gates,
Some friends and I, runnin’ wild
Sharin’ our first taste
Of beer and Mary Jane.

239 past the Exxon sign
There’s a gravel road, Lovers Lane,
Where Beth and I took a drive
Kissed innocence goodbye.


Yeah, every one I pass
Another piece of my past comes rushing back;
And it gets me reminiscing
Counting down the distance
To the place that I call home.
They’re more than just numbers painted on a sign on the side of a two lane road.
They’re mile marker milestones.


234 behind the hardware store,
Kyle James and I, one Friday night
Finally mixed it up,
settled our old score.

225 by the county line
I was liquored up, hammered down,
Fish-tailed that curve,
nearly lost my life.


Every memory plays out like a movie scene
Tellin’ my life story.

“I wrote this next song with Jeremy Bussey and Thomas Tillman. Jeremy had the idea and Thomas and I thought it was really cool. Just a cool angle on a love song. This song hasn’t been cut yet, but I still think it’s one of my favorites I’ve been a part of.”

Love You Down

(Written by Jeremy Bussey/ Thomas Tillman/ Jayce Hein)


I know he broke your world, shattered everything you used to believe,
And another go round right now is the last thing you need.
Time stands still, you’re left all alone, desperate to feel anything at all.
And it all goes dark, baby here you are.


Lost and empty, you don’t see me, reaching out to save you baby.
You think there’s nobody else around,
And you’re all by yourself, out on the ledge; baby I’m here now.
Let me love you, love you, love you, love you down.


I wanna hold you close till every piece falls back into place.
Give your heart time to heal, we’ll stay here as long as it takes.
There’s still hope, girl, don’t give up; just one kiss, just one touch.
Don’t turn away, you don’t have to stay.


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