5 Fantastic Local Businesses You Don’t Want to Miss

If you’ve been following us here at Geauga News for any amount of time, you know that we are all about providing positive local news, and promoting our local businesses. When you buy local, you get to support our local economy, meet some of the wonderful local entrepreneurs, and truly support your local community.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out these local businesses yet, I highly recommend you put it in your calendar to do so!

1. Beaches & Dreams Travel Company

Beaches & Dreams Travel Co

In January 2013, Beaches & Dreams Travel Co. celebrated its 15th anniversary. One of my most exciting memories of 15 years ago this month of July was the birth of the Disney Cruise Line. In July 1998, the Disney Magic made its transatlantic crossing to Port Canaveral, its new home and where it was scheduled to be christened on 7/25/98. Somehow I and my very lucky family were invited to participate in what was called the VIP Christening Cruise.

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2. Preston Superstore

Preston Superstore

Local business owners are like the root system of a tree. They nourish and support maintenance and growth, allowing all the life processes that take place in that tree to thrive. As all gardeners and homeowners know, the importance of developing strong, healthy root systems is crucial to achieving the desired outcome – whether that be a beautiful landscape or a nutritious cost effective way of feeding a family. Just because the root system is not visible does not make it less significant. In fact, if regular, focused attention is not provided, the effects of that neglect can be devastating, bringing even the mightiest 100 year old oak down!

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3. Danny Boys

Danny Boys

How would you like to meet up with stars like Rocky Balboa, Norm Peterson, or Tony Soprano? Maybe you’re a closet Sinatra fan or thought Hoss Cartwright was to die for. I know just the place where you’ll find them all! Danny Boy’s Pizza in Chesterland! They may come in a slightly altered version, but you’ll find them nonetheless! Because Danny Boy’s is all about giving you the very best award winners! What will you find?

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4. End of the Commons

End of the Commons General Store

It may be the End of the Commons, but you better make it the Beginning of the Day so you can fully immerse yourself in a bygone era so lifelike that you’ll wonder if you were pre-incarnated as your great great grandparent! (No – that’s not a real word, but it should be to describe this store!) Built in 1840 for a grand total of $600, the spirit of this original framework refuses to adapt to our ‘hurry-up-I-want-it-faster-than-now’ way of life, but instead, vehemently clings to the ‘mosey-on-through’ philosophy of its era. Once you pass through its doors and are under the cover of the original slate roof, you’ll succumb and feel as though you have all the time in world to just enjoy.

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5. Hiscox Agency 

Hiscox Agency

We all have ‘go to’ people in our lives. These are the people who immediately pop into our minds when we have a specific need. That need can be mild or severe, but those individuals are in place when we need them. Though family and friends are often those people, we also have specific doctors, vets, auto mechanics, coaches, and a host of other folks that we have designated as people we can trust with important areas of our lives and the lives of our family. We take the most time locating qualified ‘go to’ people when it pertains to the health and safety of those we love. How many of you would get online to look for a doctor you can trust AFTER your child has just been hit by a car? No way! You have already made plans for those emergencies ahead of time because the life of your child is at stake.

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So there you have it! Just five of many great local businesses that we have right here in Geauga County. When you get in touch with these businesses, let them know that Geauga News sent you!

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