5 Tips to Never Be Late Again

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It is often easy to lose track of time, get your priorities mixed up and end up being late for an event, meeting or obligation. Time management is all about establishing healthy habits and getting into a routine that works for you and your schedule. Below you will find 5 tips and tricks that you can use to streamline your life and ensure that you are on time every time.

1. Organize Your Closet

Getting ready can take a long time – especially when you know exactly what you want to wear but cannot find it anywhere. There are several different ways to organize your closet. Whether you choose to organize by season, color or type of fabric, having a more organized space can help you save time in the morning and be on time for your obligations.

If you cannot find time to organize your closet anytime soon, try laying out your clothes the night before.

2. Consistency is Key

Do you ever waste time fumbling around trying to find your keys before you leave the house? A great habit to form is one that involves you hanging or placing your keys in the same spot every time you enter into your humble abode. Installing a new hook on the wall or placing a new bowl on a table can be a helpful reminder to place your keys there because you will notice new things more readily. The key to keeping your keys on-hand is the practice of consistency. Once this becomes a habit, you will save plenty of time!

3. Try a Wrinkle Releaser

There are many brands of wrinkle releasers (and DIY recipes) that work faster than getting out the iron, waiting for it to heat up and meticulously ironing out those pesky wrinkles. Though this can be a time saver, it is recommended to try this out on your clothes before the morning comes so you know which fabrics respond to the spray and which do not – because there may be a fabric that you might end up ironing anyhow. However, wrinkle releasers are said to work on most wrinkles with just a quick spray. Downy Brand Wrinkle Releaser is rated #1.

4. Prepare Your Breakfast Brew

If your coffeemaker has an automatic setting to begin brewing your coffee in the morning and you just haven’t bothered to figure out how it works, now is the time. If your coffeemaker does not have this setting, do what you can the night before. This means cleaning out your machine and getting the grounds ready to go, inside the machine, for when you wake up.

5. Check the Weather

By checking the weather at the beginning of the week, you can prepare for snowfall, rain or frigid temperatures that may delay your commute to work or other obligations. In addition, this will help you pick out which clothes to wear or if you will need to dig out that winter coat or those rain boots that you have not seen in months.

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