55 Best Things About Geauga County

A few weeks ago, we reached out to our Facebook fans and asked them what the best part of Geauga county is.  We have compiled a list of the responses, added a few fun photos, and there you have it….55 things that all of you think are the best in Geauga County.

1.) Punderson & Centerville Mills ~Colleen Brady

Punderson Manor

2.) Was geauga lake!! ~ Craig Brazet

3.) The friendly people!! ~Karen Holschuh

4.) Guidos for sure….~Jered Baumert

5.) Guidos pizza ~Meredith Dasco

6.) Chardon spirit, dont overbuild! Keep it quaint and special! ~Gayla Rolain Lyons

7.) The big Oak and Maple trees. You start to miss them when you move away, like to Arizona. ~Casey Ann Seel-Troyan

Maple Tree

8.) Middlefield tavern!!!! ~Lester Miller

9.) My home ~Kim Williams Holden

10.) My front porch ~Faith Bontrager Kumher

11.) Land ! ~Jennifer Thompson-Inghram

12.)  Too much to choose. ~Anne Burke

13.) Tai Pan Chinese Restaurant! ~Corvette Don

Tai Pan

14.) Peace and quite ~Daniel Fowler

15.) The peepers in the spring and the fair!! ~Bonnie Tayek

16.) yep, the folks ~James L Baker Jr

17.)  Country Living at it’s best! ~Marsha Boyce Cable

18.) It’s home! ~Jason Starynchak

19.) Maple syrup, beautiful parks, huge trees, yummy apples, awesome wildlife and the great Geauga county fair!!!! ~Beth Brown

Maple Syrup on Pancakes

20.) The sounds of nature and the step back in time in some parts of the county, love it! ~Kerri Farmer Luke

21.) It’s people and their history ~Dan Warner

22.) The fair that falls on my bday! ~MaryMary LyNn ContraRy

23.) Beauty and nature. ~Tracy Davis Walker

24.) The great geauga county fair! ~Jacki Burbach-Mitton

The Great Geauga County Fair

25.) It’s beauty ~Mary Ann Friihauf

26.) The exit door from Judge Burt’s chambers! ~Patrick Corrigan

27.) County Fair! ~Karen Phillips Beaumarchais

28.) Rosepointe Cottage ~Ann DAmico

Rosepointe Cottage Tea Room

29.) MY BACK YARD! Firepit and all! ~Ronald Kruty

30.) The Fair the second day is my birth day. ~Katie Campbell

31.) Troy ~Caitlyn Ramsey

32.) Its beauty ~Vandella Xavier

33.) Visiting family! ~Elaine Fuerst Abram

34.) Simply making that yearly trip back out to my old stomping grounds! ~Roger Burzanko

35.) Summers cuz the winters here sure stink ~Georgia Luoma

36.) I live there !!! ~Lynn Meyer

37.) ME,LOL ~Jan Winters Kellogg

38.) The quiet!!!!!!!! ~Heather Labinka Murray

Peace and Quiet!

39.) Everything !!! Love the people, love the land!!!!!! ~Meg Whelan- Reese

40.) Everything!! ~Laureen Sonia

41.) The parks. I miss them! ~Erin Woodrum

42.) The Natural beauty all around you. We love Geauga county! ~Kim-Tom Koumonduros Georgiadis

43.) Unspoiled land and diversity of population. ~Charlotte Brett

44.) Nature ~Christi LaPrairie

Bald Eagle

45.) Dodging All the Road Apple’s, or should I wait until you post about the Worst part of Geauga County perhaps? ~Dave Fisher

46.) Chardon square, the peace and quiet of the country, the fact that it’s home! ~April Crihfield-Reed

47.) The people who live here! ~Bethany Matthews

48.) Staying away during the winter months. ~Charlene Sulak

49.) Middlefield ~Luis Torres

50.) Burton ~Daniel Bejger

Burton Gazebo

51.) Maple syrup ~Judy Horvath

52.) The public libraries! The parks are a close second. ~Cindy Easthom

53.) Everything! It’s home! ~Nicole Vojtech

54.) The people! ~Martha Bryan

55.) Nice people and fresh air! ~Laurene Cirino DiCillo

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